Don’t be afraid of black color in the bedroom: 6 beautiful proofs

There are many stereotypes associated with black. It is believed that it depresses, eats up natural light and visually reduces space. And although black kitchens and bathrooms are gradually becoming a trend, bedrooms in a gloomy shade are still called a bold experiment. 

We decided to collect interiors that will prove that black bedrooms can be beautiful, comfortable, and cozy. The main thing is to correctly place the accents.


A family with a child and a dog lives in this house. The building is located in a forest area, so the project was based on unity with nature. The team of designer Yana Grosheva managed to design a comfortable space, highlight the architecture and demonstrate cool solutions.

This is how a bedroom in non-standard colors appeared – black and gray colors are amazingly combined with a dark shade of wood. Another interesting move is the tinted glass headboard with perimeter lighting, which reflects the light and creates a sense of depth. And thick curtains on the windows are responsible for sound sleep.


Designer Alexandra Parmon collaborated with customers, not for the first time, so she understood their preferences well. The result of the work is impressive: complete opposites coexist in the apartment — minimalistic spaces with brutal accents and light modern classics.

I would like to pay special attention to the bedroom: the recreation area was decorated in dark colors, which the owners of the apartment really like. The couple loves to spend time in a space that resembles a cozy cocoon, where there are many lighting scenarios and pleasant textures. For decoration, decorative plaster with a suede effect was used, and for the entrance area, a silk effect was chosen. The veneered MDF panel is also perfectly integrated into the interior.


The owner of this apartment is a versatile girl who loves singing, playing the piano, and yoga, and also loves to learn languages ​​and travel. There were no partitions in the space, so designer Elena Muzychenko decided to make a modern and functional two-bed apartment with a dining room, a TV area, and an incredible bedroom.

To decorate the bedroom, dark shades were used, which were diluted with an accent wooden wall behind the head of the bed. The contrast of shades and textures refreshed the room and allowed it to sparkle with new colors. They took care not only of beauty, but also of convenience – a large number of storage places are provided here, and all cabinets are made to order to feel a single space.


Designer Yana Volkova arranged a small apartment for herself. I wanted to design an original interior of one room apartment, reminiscent of a room in a trendy hotel. They coped with the task one hundred percent: a well-thought-out layout made it possible to fit everything and even more, and the color schemes are delightful.

The palette of sakura was taken as the basis. The dark sleeping area contrasts with a delicate pink hue: the bed is located on the podium, where additional storage spaces were thought out – drawers and hatches at the head. And the headboard itself is made to order from fluffy pink fabric.


Interior stylist Anna Furbacken designed a compact two-room apartment in Gothenburg. The specialist tried to arrange free space and think over a comfortable layout, and was not afraid to use black for the bedroom.

The walls of the room were painted black to achieve a stylish twilight. This effect was also achieved with the help of bed linen, table lamps, and a carpet to match the walls. Gloomy tones were diluted with a built-in wardrobe and a white space above it – there is an extra bed. 


Designers from the Carmine Home studio have created a cool interior in a spacious apartment. The owner is a former athlete who now teaches sculpture at a college. The customer indicated several wishes: to arrange a bedroom with an adjacent bathroom and a guest room for an adult son. All requests were taken into account – the apartment was divided into two parts, placing a kitchen-living room and two living rooms.

The bedroom was combined with a bathroom, and different textured materials were used for decoration. Behind the bright headboard of the bed, beautiful illuminated wooden panels were installed – the dark shade does not burden the interior and looks very impressive.

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