Built-in wardrobe: 25 options

The dressing room – a separate room or a large built-in wardrobe trough the whole wall – unloads the apartment. Without dressing rooms, real order in the house can not be achieved. What solutions are popular with leading designers and architects today?

Dressing rooms increase in size, growing up and width. Architects recommend placing such a powerful structure in a niche and equipping a built-in wardrobe: then it does not feel like a volume and does not clutter the room. It feels like a wall. Doors reach a height of three meters and the same width. It is not indifferent what kind of finish will have such a vast surface. Glossy varnishes and glass of varying degrees of transparency are relevant.

It is believed that the sliding doors of the built-in wardrobe are the most spectacular: huge “monolithic” canvases are really impressive. But the usual swinging ones are being improved. The secret of attractiveness is also in the absence of fittings (that is, handles), as well as in the reflective material: a tinted mirror does not stand as a blank wall in the way of the gaze. Swing doors are cheaper, but they eat up space: you can’t put anything in front of them.

“In the bedroom, built-in wardrobes and dressing rooms with smooth facades without handles are preferred,” says Roberto Caccaro, owner of the Italian factory Caccaro. – They are roomy, while not being counted as volumes, which means they do not clutter the rooms. New trend: graphics. The graphic division of the facades creates a kind of panel – a concise and very modern version of the decor. Colors are in demand restrained, and natural. Surfaces – matte or semi-matte, are more than glossy, and contribute to relaxation in the rooms for rest. We want to point out that our company uses only water-based coatings in furniture, safe for both humans and the environment.”

A discouraging trend: sliding doors made of completely transparent glass. Yes, even the dressing room is proposed to be combined with the bathroom. But isn’t it interesting to try to live in a fashionable way?

Book doors have an advantage in comparison with sliding ones: they allow you to view the contents of the built-in wardrobe as a whole. And the price of folding structures comes out lower.

If the area allows, it is worth allocating a dressing room. A convenient depth begins at two meters: 50 cm on each side is occupied by shelves, and there is still enough space to consider things, try on clothes, and see yourself in the mirror at full height. Experts have calculated that it is unprofitable to build higher than 2.70 m: at the top, there are dead zones. Another figure: for each hanger, you need to allocate 7 cm of barbells: then the clothes will not crumple.

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