Family apartment in grey colors

This apartment with an area of 173 square meters is located in the Moscow residential complex City Park. Its owners, a family with two teenage sons, turned to Brimmer Design Buro with a request to decorate the interior.

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“A residential complex of buildings of different heights with an internal territory reminded us of lower Manhattan,” the authors of the project admit. – The apartment is located on the fourth floor with windows on three sides. We got it in the rough finish as a blank canvas.”

At the entrance to the apartment, we placed a large dressing room behind a sliding partition. The spacious living room area is separated from the kitchen by the glass with an unusual effect, and the guest bathroom is hidden behind hidden doors in the kitchen. At the same time, part of the corridor became a continuation of the living room – a corner fireplace and a book rack were placed there.”

“The customer appreciates comfort and aesthetics, and immediately noted that she wants to get an interior like in the rooms of the Hyatt hotel, where there is no visual noise. Taking into account her wishes, we decided to use a limited number of materials and colors, betting on minimalism. ” The walls in the whole apartment are painted in one shade, and the children’s rooms are decorated with micro cement. The interior palette is dominated by beige and gray shades complemented by three different stone textures.

The children’s block is located in the opposite part of the apartment. There are three rooms and a small common corridor with a rack where the boys’ sports awards are stored. “Our task was to create a modern interior in which it is comfortable to spend time together, but at the same time organize a space for each family member,” the designers add.

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