Atmospheric kitchen of 59 ft², which the decorator designed for herself

This small but very impressive kitchen is located in the apartment of decorator Dasha Soboleva in a five-story building. The budget and time were limited, so the hostess made cosmetic repairs and tried to improve the situation with the most decorative means. 

There was already a redevelopment in the apartment: the entrance to the kitchen was moved to the living room, and part of the corridor was given over to a niche for a refrigerator in the kitchen.

Some furniture was left from a previous repair: the lower part of the headset is IKEA. The facades were repainted to match the walls. 

The concept of the kitchen is based on memories of a trip to Marrakesh, so the decorator chose a dusty pink shade of paint for the walls, kitchen facades, and even household appliances – for example, the usual hood was also repainted.

The apron was laid out with handmade rectangular tiles, and the upper cabinets were abandoned in favor of shelves.

The interior has a lot of vintage furniture and dishes. Living indoor plants create a special atmosphere.

The most important thing about our X that it is for
those who are in a hurry

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