Almost monochrome palette and minimalism: stylish interior of an apartment of 893ft²

This spectacular modern interior was created by Quadrum studio. The inspiration for this monochrome interior was natural materials, stone, and wood, which have a major role. 

The space of the apartment itself disposed to the creation of a laconic interior – huge windows overlooking the Volga, a lot of light, and the correct rectangular shapes of the premises. The owner of the apartment is a young girl who works hard and has set the task of creating an interior in which it would be pleasant to relax from noisy and busy days.

On 893 ft² (83 m²), the designers placed a spacious kitchen-living room, bedroom, dressing room, two bathrooms, and a laundry room. In addition, in the spacious hall, several storage areas for outerwear and other things are thought out.

The space of the kitchen-living room is central in this apartment. Thanks to the combination of space with the loggia, panoramic windows and exploited window sills remaining from the partition appeared here. Zoning in this space is made not only by arranging furniture, but also by means of a structure on the ceiling. TAk, the ceiling above the kitchen is finished with panels with a wood texture.

Another, no less important material in this interior is a marble. Black and white large-format tiles, which are decorated with a wall and an island in the center of the kitchen, set a monochrome palette. It is impossible not to note how the designers worked with forms in space. Both the island and the block with kitchen furniture and storage areas look like separate items reminiscent of modern sculptures.

The walls in the living room are painted in a neutral shade, which became the background for spectacular materials in the kitchen space.

The master bedroom continues the minimalistic design concept. The object of interest here is a wall with a painting resembling sand on the beach on a windy day. The other wall in the bedroom is finished with veneered panels with vertical elements. Special attention in this master bedroom deserves a bathroom, which occupies the space of a glass cube.

Thanks to the glass partitions, rays of daylight enter the bathroom and are reflected in the mirror panel on the wall, visually increasing the space and making it lighter.

The second bathroom is decorated with tiles with imitation of stone in a black shade and decorated with a turnip system and built-in lighting.

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