Black and white palette: The interior of an apartment in the minimalist style

This interior of a large apartment of 210 square meters was created by designer Olga Litsentova. The design concept is a perfect example of how elegant and rich conciseness can look because the interior is built on the contrast of black and white and is complemented by panels of teak veneer. 

The customer set out to create a light and concise space, but not cold, but cozy and luxurious. The task was fully realized – spectacular strict lines, rich textures of natural materials, and huge spaces made it possible to create a spectacular, minimalistic, but not boring interior.

The main space is a kitchen-living room with a dining area. The kitchen in this space is made in a monochrome palette, and the living room contrasts against this background with the noble texture of wood.

There are very few decorations in the interior, but they have become the final bright accents. In the kitchen-living room space, these are Designer Brand Van Egmond lamps.

And the living room is decorated with a Christophe Gaignon mirror of a bizarre curved shape.

A mirror of the same brand decorates the hallway area. The minimalist space needs spectacular fitting details and Christophe Gaignon mirrors have complemented this interior perfectly.

This interior is the case when even the corridor deserves special attention. Of course, the texture of the teak looks very impressive thanks to the beautiful pattern of wood and warm shade. But the execution is also important – neither in the decor of the walls nor in the doors, there are practically no joints or handles visible. At the bottom of the walls are decorated with a hidden plinth. It is such details that create a strict and truly spectacular minimalism.

In each space of the apartment, black, and white shades and wood are used in different proportions. So, in the master bedroom, the wall behind the headboard is also decorated with beautiful veneered panels.

Another important component of this interior is the furniture. The furniture is selected either in the style of minimalism or has elegant curves. Like, for example, this is the B& B Italia chair.

For the dressing room, the B&B Italia chair was also chosen. Furniture of one brand allows you to continue the design concept in different rooms and maintain a single perception of style.

The children’s bedroom is lighter, and there is no wood texture, but the walls are also decorated. As a decoration of the walls, three-dimensional panels are chosen.

The children’s bedroom is almost monochrome, except for the armchair and decor items on the walls.

For the bathroom in a neutral warm palette, large-format porcelain stoneware with an imitation of stone was chosen.

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