8 secrets of a cozy living room, a room like Scandinavian

We do not get tired of studying the cultural code of the Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians. And we continue to admire their talent to turn the bad climate from an unfortunate circumstance into an occasion to once again stay at home, cozy to the last centimeter. 

Today we will analyze the Scandinavian approach to the design of the main room in the house – the living room. That’s what makes it interesting. 

Finish: Concise but not boring

The Scandinavian interior base is often mistaken for something very primitive: painted walls, “clean” ceilings, wood on the floor – is that all?

Not all. The decoration of exemplary living rooms in apartments in Stockholm or Copenhagen have also marble window sills, wooden frames with beautiful handles on the windows, high polyurethane baseboards, and stylish screens on custom-made radiators. 

Without such expressive nuances, a laconic finish will really seem rustic.

Classical elements – to be

There is always a place for classics in Scandinavian living rooms, both when housing is located in the historical center and in modern buildings.

Chandeliers, a high-backed English armchair, and a classic-patterned carpet will help you play with an antique fireplace, a plaster rosette on the ceiling, or a window view of the sights. And they will also bring the situation with IKEA furniture to a more solid level.

The main role is the sofa

And not simple at all. In Scandinavian living rooms, the sofa is superior comfort, large, deep, and soft. 

Why is that? In Denmark, for example, the house is the main place for communication (cafes, bars, and other public spaces can wait). Therefore, it is important that the sofa is comfortable for both the owners and guests.

Bare windows with simple decor, and no layers of curtains

Scandinavians do not like to decorate windows lavishly and do not hide too carefully from their neighbors who live opposite. Yes, and the cute clichéd habit of sitting on the windowsill, wrapped in a blanket, also does not imply the presence of complex textiles on the windows. 

Neutral plain curtains (classic curtains or roller blinds ) are a popular choice for a living room stylized in the spirit of Northern Europe.

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Bookshelf? Of course!

The home library, which has been collected over the years, is an excellent addition to the Scandinavian living room: the inhabitants of the northern countries have a reverent attitude towards books.

What material is the bookcase made of? Definitely made of wood or with a wood texture – this is the most Scandinavian choice.

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Plants: Different sizes and everywhere

Everyone knows how eco-oriented Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians are. And this cannot but be reflected in their homes: we go into the kitchen – we see three or four containers for sorting garbage, and in the bathroom – jars of only eco-friendly and ethical hygiene products. 

Well, in the living room – at least one living plant, always. And this is in the presence of a balcony necessarily filled with pots of greenery!

Pictures: eclecticism and light chaos 

Leave carefully calibrated compositions to the Americans and the British: Scandinavians love freedom and slight negligence. And this is in the hands of everyone who likes Scandinavian style, but who has no experience in compiling home art galleries. 

In the living room of a typical Scandinavian apartment, absolute diversity can reign: there are paintings from the nearest opening day, vintage posters, and children’s drawings.

Most of the time they put art on some shelf or just on the floor against the wall.

And the final touch – a little hygge

A collection of board games, albums with family photos, a small wine cabinet, hobby items, and other things that delight, set you up for relaxation, and reflect the interests of your family – the choice seems to be typically Scandinavian, but at the same time very personalized.

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