7 tips for a successful kitchen renovation

In a modern interior, the kitchen is of paramount importance and, one might say, is the heart of the house. Here we not only cook but also meet with the family after a working day, and communicate with loved ones. If you decide to completely renovate your kitchen space, here are 7 tips on how to make a successful renovation as comfortable as possible and create a functional, modern, and aesthetic interior.

Find inspiration

Before starting repairs, you must have a clear idea of ​​the future space. There are many platforms to help you choose a direction or give you ideas – Pinterest, Instagram, niche websites, and magazines. Take your time to make a decision – updating the kitchen requires a lot of effort and financial investment, so the result should be as close to ideal as possible.

Plan your budget

Explore approximate prices for the kitchen of your dreams. Estimate the cost of finishing, this is where you can save, but not on quality, but on an alternative choice of materials. For example, you can completely abandon tiles – use a self-leveling floor, and choose a special washable paint for a kitchen apron. Study the prices of furniture from various manufacturers – today a kitchen assembled from standard modules can be equal in cost to a custom-made headset. When choosing materials, look for high-quality budget analogs, and try not to go beyond the budget. But at the same time, it is worth keeping an amount in reserve for unforeseen expenses, especially if you are doing repairs in an old house.

Create a layout

Create a layout in an online planner, use a similar service in a furniture store, or contact an experienced designer. You must trust the specialist, as he can give you valuable advice about the future of the space, and you will decide whether to listen to them or not. Don’t order a kitchen the same day you first drew the layout. Think about ergonomics, think about storage, most likely you will want to finalize the sketch after a while. 

Find a reliable contractor

From a quick, high-quality, and successful repair to a complete disaster, you are only one step away – from choosing a contractor. In Europe, the recommendations of acquaintances work great, but often the projects of good craftsmen are planned a year in advance. Take advantage of special services – the reviews left will help you decide on a contractor.

Set up a temporary kitchen

During the renovation, you will not be able to use the kitchen, so this issue should be considered in advance. If possible, put an electric kettle, a slow cooker and a compact electric stove in another room. Even if it seems to you that the renovation will take only a couple of weeks, it will be quite difficult to live without homemade food if you are used to cooking. Delivery can partially compensate for meals at home but will become an additional financial complication. The ideal option is to find temporary housing during the renovation.

Focus on functionality

The material of the facades, the color of the walls and dining chairs – all this should go by the wayside. When renovating a kitchen, the functionality should always come first. Even if your goal is an aesthetically pleasing space, with a small countertop or sink in an awkward position, it will be very uncomfortable for you to cook. An inefficient layout will not only make it difficult to use work areas and clean them up, but soon the whole space will become oppressive with its inappropriateness.

Buy the right equipment

One of the most important decisions in the arrangement of the kitchen is the choice of household appliances. It is necessary to think in advance not only about large built-in items, such as an oven, hob, and dishwasher but also about the location of compact appliances – a coffee machine, toaster, blender, etc. Of course, you should pay attention to the appearance of the devices, but remember that the built-in white equipment will almost always be more expensive than its counterpart in black. If you are planning a kitchen renovation in advance, then you should monitor various promotions in large household appliance stores, provided that you have somewhere to store appliances purchased in advance. Do not forget about environmental friendliness, energy-efficient appliances will help save resources and finances on consumption.

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