6 most successful colors for decorating the bathroom

Bright color combinations for your bathroom.

1. White and black

The classic black-and-white design is a win-win for the bathroom for several reasons.

  • White visually expands the room, and black accents prevent the interior from becoming flat and boring.
  • White is associated with cleanliness, which is important in a bathroom.
  • The combination of these colors looks good under artificial lighting.

In this case, it is important to correctly observe the proportions. There must be more white, about 80% of the entire area, otherwise, you can get a chess picture, from which it will ripple in your eyes. Use black for plumbing fixtures, faucets, hooks, or shelves.

2. White and gray

For those who find the black-and-white version too harsh, you should try replacing black with gray. In this case, the proportion of shades can already be adjusted, the light gray tone will not overload the room, even if it takes up half the area.

Be careful with the choice of gray saturation, in a small area it is best to focus on light colors. A rough matte contrasting wall or a large cabinet under the sink, as well as textiles in this color, will look beautiful.

If large elements are gray, then use white for walls, ceilings and floors to refresh the space and make it more airy.

3. White and brown

The third base shade that goes well with white and suits those who want a classic and discreet interior is brown. It can be added to the space with wooden furniture, accessories, and textiles. Choose natural and natural light colors, with their help you can embody a boho or eco-interior. And to make the room look better, add more lighting: install bright lamps with a light temperature close to natural. 

4. Blue and gold

Those who want a bright bathroom and are ready to experiment with color will love the combination of a starry sky: deep blue and gold. Blue is used as a base and is slightly shaded with white or gray. For example, you can use blue tiles for the walls and choose blue furniture, and lay out the floors and the inside of the shower with light-colored tiles. 

And gold will be used for elegant accents. You can pick up a mirror in a gold frame, a faucet, cabinet handles, a shower rack, and lamps.

5. Pink and blue

A very eye-pleasing combination in the bathroom interior is delicate pink and muted blue. Try decorating a contrasting blue wall and laying out the bottom half of it with pink tiles. Or put a blue cabinet under the sink against the background of pink tiles.

These colors do not have to be used only by two, they overlap well with a white or white and black base.

6. Green and pink

The combination of green and pink is quite rare. Use it if you want your bathroom to stand out. At the same time, both shades can be quite saturated, as they belong to a cold palette and do not narrow the room.

The bathroom can also be made noticeably more colorful by simply adding pink accents: a shower curtain, rug, towels, and soap and shampoo containers.

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