5 interiors where gold looks appropriate and expensive

We show how to fit golden details into the design of an apartment so as not to overdo it.

Gold in the interior can be treated differently: some people love it and diligently look for gold fittings of the desired shade in stores. Others consider it a relic of the past, which should not be in a modern house. But the facts speak for themselves: gold never goes out of style and makes any interior more expensive. The main thing is to use it correctly.

1. Apartment with gold details and leopard print

Even not muted shiny gold can look stylish if used as small accents. Faucets, shelf fittings, handles on kitchen fronts, and interior doors – all this is not striking, but plays an important role in the overall picture. The familiar white kitchen with wooden countertops immediately looks more elegant, and the herringbone tile layout becomes more noticeable.

2. Interior with gold, black and blue accents

In this project, the designer did not stop at golden handles and a faucet: the lamps in the working and dining areas in the kitchen, as well as in the bathroom, are presented in gold. The golden built-in washbasin harmonizes perfectly with the dark blue facades and light wood columns. The sconce and chandelier in warm metal go well with white walls and pink elements (curtains, painting) in the dining area.

3. Eclectic design with blue furniture and gold decor

For this four-room apartment, the designer chose a tried-and-tested combination of gold and navy blue. The saturated cold color “silences” the active metal, and looks very noble against its background. The same technique works with emerald, burgundy, and plum shades.

In the living room, the eye immediately clings to the coffee table and velvet armchair, practically not noticing many other details. The golden table is supported by other elements: vases on the tabletops, sconces on the mirrors, a chandelier, and a minimalistic wall clock. The second blue armchair has taken its place in the bedroom: there is less gold here, but it still remains noticeable. In the nursery, there is a golden chandelier and a table lamp.

4. Private house with lots of gold

In the design of this house, you can see that there is never a lot of gold. In the kitchen, dining room, and living room, this metal can be found in almost every corner. The gap between the tabletop and the facade of the black U-shaped set is specially enlarged and decorated with gold, decorative lighting is built into it. The built-in gold sink and faucet harmonize with complementary kitchen décor in color.

In the dining room, there is an epoxy resin top with gold stains, a stylish lamp with 5 iridescent shades, and matching serving napkins with coasters for glasses.

The main accent of the living room is a low white TV console with golden elements. The multiple active décor doesn’t look gaudy because the finishes are done in warm neutral tones that don’t argue with the metal.

5. Dusty colors, moldings, and some gold

A trendy combination of muted green, peach, and burgundy was chosen for this contemporary project. The golden cylindrical hood is a real star of a bright kitchen with two-tone facades. The metal is supported by handles, inserts on chairs, and a chandelier. In the bedroom, sockets, and switches, lamps, the decor was made of gold: they go well with dusty green trim, peach textiles, and a nightstand.

The bathroom turned out to be very unusual, but visually thought out. Large golden elements (faucets, shower column, heated towel rail) are combined here with plain pink tiles and a floral accent wall.

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