6 rules for using gold to create a noble interior

We tell you how to combine gold with natural materials and other metals, what color ratio should be in the interior, and other rules for using bright metal.

Trends in interior design often change, but the fashion for gold will remain for a long time to come. If earlier this metal was more often used in classical and pompous styles, such as Empire, art deco, and Baroque, now designers use it in modern spaces: loft, eco-style, and neoclassic. This noble metal makes the interior richer if moderation is observed. What other rules are there when using the golden color, we will tell in the article.

1. Use gold as an accent

The golden color stands out and attracts attention. Therefore, you should not use it as a basis, you will get too flashy interior. If you want to add yellow glitter, make it an accent. According to the rules of color combination, the accent color should not occupy more than one-third of the interior. 

2. Choose one shade of gold

To create a harmonious interior, you should choose one shade of gold. Important: we are talking about gold, it is just possible to combine metals with each other, but we will talk about this later. The fact is that when using different shades, it is easy to create the impression of an ill-conceived interior. When buying finishes and furniture, choose a gold color sample that you will be guided by. So much less likely to make a mistake. 

3. Repeat gold in decoration and furniture

Support the gold decor with the same color in the decoration of the room: add some gold to the walls, for example, by painting the moldings. You can also repeat the accent color in lighting objects by choosing chandeliers and lamps with metal bases. Or choose to support furniture with golden legs: armchairs, coffee tables. Decor in the color of yellow metal can be supplemented with furniture fittings. The main thing is to observe moderation and do not forget about the ratio of colors: there should not be a lot of accent.

4. Combine gold with natural materials

Natural materials are always perfectly combined with each other and with metals. So, the golden hue is easy to combine with wood or stone. For example, choose golden fittings for a wooden cabinet or chest of drawers. Or to the fashionable metal facades of the kitchen set  – a marble apron. Pick up wooden chairs with metal legs. And to the coffee table with a stone top – a golden base. 

5. And with other metals

It is not necessary to use only gold metal in interior design. Combine it with silver, copper, bronze, or chrome. When choosing metals for accent, start from the texture. For example, combine shiny gold with copper or silver. And matte – with aged bronze. Be sure to introduce an item into the interior that will combine both metals or repeat them in the finish. Otherwise, the decor will look like a random collection of items. 

6. Take black, white, and gray as a basis

If in doubt about how to combine gold with other colors, take universal solutions as a basis. Combine it with black, white, and gray shades. This combination is hard to mess up. For example, you can use white as the main color, make a gold accent and add a little black to the decor. 

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