Amazing renovation of a typical kitchen-living room of 34 m²: (photos before the repair will amaze you)

Everything is interesting in this renovation: the reorganization of space, the choice of finishing materials and super-capacious storage systems.


Designer Igor Kurkin transformed a typical apartment in a Soviet block house of the P-68-03 series. Work was underway on half of the apartment – they combined the kitchen with the living room to create a spacious and functional common area and a separate bedroom for the parents. They relied on high-quality finishing materials, a neutral color palette, and super-comfortable furniture with a large number of storage systems for different life scenarios.


The internal partitions in this house are not capital, so there were no problems with the dismantling of the walls and the unification of the premises. The kitchen, living room, and entrance hall were remodeled – a total of 34 sq. m. The set was left in its original place, but entered into a niche, separating an additional bed for customers with a plasterboard partition.

The set was designed with the letter U to create a comfortable space for cooking and use the area and height to the maximum. A refrigerator and an oven are built in on the left, and a sink is on the right. The facades of all the lower modules open without handles – for this, a GOLA mortise profile was used.

On the reverse side of the kitchen, two cabinets were designed – a utility and a dressing room. Smooth facades look like a single plane, inside there is a lot of space for storing clothes. There is also a laundry block with a washing machine, a net for dirty things, and a drawer for storing household chemicals.

For the main wall decoration, decorative plaster was used: a little graphite color scheme was added to the white paint – the resulting warm gray shade became the base for the decorative coating. On the floor – quartz laminate: for the kitchen and hallway, they chose large dies similar to stone slabs. Narrow and long, like boards, elements designed the living room and bedroom.

MINIMALISM Tip: If you are looking for flooring that is equally well suited to different rooms, does not limit your design, is water resistant, and highly durable, look no further than quartz laminate. Among other things, it can be used with underfloor heating.

This material is made on the basis of an SPC (rock polymer composite) board and is resistant to damage. He is absolutely not afraid of water, it is easy to wash off both traces of felt-tip pens and other contaminants from him. There will be no problems with cleaning either: quartz laminate is not afraid of contact with household chemicals.

SPC coating can be used with any underfloor heating, and design variations will surprise even experienced professionals – wood or stone-like quartz laminate looks natural, and an abundance of shades allows you to find an option for any design – from loft to strict minimalism.

Moreover, quartz laminate can be used not only on the floor but also on the walls or as a decorative element. The service life of a quartz laminate when laid on a flat surface is as much as 25 years.

One of the tasks of the alteration was to create a full-fledged sleeping area for parents. The bed was abandoned in favor of a three-in-one transformer. The perimeter of the structure is occupied by mezzanines and cabinets. The center is a folding bed with gas lifts and an orthopedic mattress with straps. There is also a small soft sofa that can be used for relaxing.

They did not put doors between the bedroom and the living room – so that you could watch TV from the bed. The designer came up with a sliding soft partition: the track was combined with a canvas made of artificial golden leather. Looks very stylish and unusual.

The windows in the apartment have been replaced, now they look like a single system in the spirit of constructivist houses of the 20th century. The entire window sill area was decorated with veneered panels, with removable screens for radiators. The curtains are short so as not to cover all this beauty.

The main storage system is located in the living room: the designer designed a built-in multifunctional structure with cabinets, shelves, and niches. For hinged facades, a shade close to the color of the walls was chosen – due to this, the cabinet does not seem bulky. The effect was enhanced by the absence of handles – the facades are opened by pressing.

A table with a metal base was placed in an open niche. If necessary, the tabletop can be pulled out and accommodate the whole family and guests. The lower opening is also functionally used – a hinged module with a hinged facade was provided here and a place was thought out for additional storage of decor or utensils.

Another feature of the project is a lot of lighting scenarios and multi-colored lighting. The interior was provided with spotlights and tracks for spots. LED spot cylinders and long linear lamps were fixed on the tracks. All elements are rotary, and if desired, they can be rearranged and added. An LED strip was placed around the perimeter.

Photos of the apartment before renovation:

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