Indestructible bathroom: 7 tips for renovation

Let’s figure out how to create the bathroom of your dreams

Bathroom renovations must be approached wisely. One mistake can lead to unpleasant consequences, the correction of which will cost you a lot of time, money, and nerves. To make your bathroom perfect and last for many years, follow simple but very important tips.

Prepare the room

Before the renovation, any room needs careful preparation, and the bathroom is no exception. Remove old coverings and plaster from the floor, ceiling, and walls. Carefully ensure that the surfaces are perfectly flat. If you break this rule, the tile may fall off. Also, do not forget to plan the threshold at the entrance: in the bathroom, the floor level should be lower than in other rooms. 

Don’t forget about waterproofing and safe electrical wiring

Don’t want to become problematic neighbors who periodically flood your apartments from below? Then take care of waterproofing. Cover the most vulnerable places with a layer of moisture-resistant material – the floor and walls near the bathtub or shower stall. Waterproof electrics will help ensure safety in the bathroom: when purchasing lighting, pay attention to the IP rating. It should be above 44. 

Consider ventilation

In order for a bathroom to last a long time, it is necessary to prevent the appearance of mold and mildew, which are often found in the bathroom. Organisms choose this room because of the dampness. You can control humidity levels using ventilation: someplace systems at the bottom of the door. A good solution would be an automatic humidity sensor, which is installed in the air duct along with the fan.

Choose quality plumbing fixtures

Buying plumbing equipment is one of the most crucial moments. Fortunately, today there are many high-quality models that will perfectly complement the space and will delight you for many years. While shopping, look for sanitary ware with unique characteristics: silent flush toilets, sinks, and shower trays with special coatings.

Minimalism tip: by the way, if you are looking for functional and stylish solutions for the shower area, pay attention to the collections of the legendary French brand Jacob Delafon. Singulier ultra-thin shower trays are made from quality Neoroc material. Safety in use will be ensured by the anti-slip coating, and you don’t have to worry about durability – the surface is not afraid of scratches and chips.

Another great find is the Flight Pure tray: it is less sensitive to impacts than ceramic or steel models, and the coating with silver ions protects against bacteria. Thanks to their laconic and modern design, the pallets will fit into any interior. The strict and laconic design of the Flight Pure series was awarded two prestigious awards, the Reddot Design Award and the IF Design Award 2021.

Consider materials for finishing floors and walls

There are a huge number of materials on the market that will help bring your design ideas to life. Most often, tiles are chosen to decorate a bathroom – an affordable and unpretentious material of various shapes, sizes, and colors will decorate any bathroom. Lovers of experiments use moisture-resistant wallpaper to decorate walls. Recently, porcelain stoneware has become a serious competitor to tiles: a technologically advanced and durable material that imitates natural surfaces and looks fantastic.

Don’t skimp on tiles

Some save on finishing, and do it in vain. Inexpensive tiles often break rather than cut, and uneven corners can become a big problem for the bathroom owner. Therefore, give preference to quality tiles. By the way, you can’t do without good tile adhesive here either. Several factors need to be taken into account: the base on which the tiles will be laid, the features and size of the tile itself, as well as the degree of adhesion of the adhesive. 

Furnish your bathroom with quality furniture

It is better to think through bedside tables, chests of drawers, and other storage systems at the planning stage. Otherwise, situations arise when there is no place for household chemicals, personal hygiene products, or even towels. It is important to furnish the bathroom with functional and high-quality furniture that not only fits into the interior but is also comfortable to use.

Minimalism tip: Jacob Delafon combines original design and sophistication in the new collections. Sherwood furniture made of natural wood under a sink countertop with a push-to-open system surprises with its appearance and functionality. The Nona collection reflects the brand’s philosophy: models with graceful curves in natural colors will perfectly complement the interior. By the way, this year Jacob Delafon expanded the iconic Madeleine collection: spacious furniture for a bowl sink with lighting will bring coziness and harmony to the space.

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