Small studio of 30 m² with budget solutions

A kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and many storage systems were placed on a modest square footage. The budget for the renovation was small. We share the details

Designer Alexandra Gaevskaya has turned a small studio of 30 sq. m. into a cozy and functional home for long-term rental. It was assumed that one person would live here, energetic, working in an office. The main task was to make the apartments as spacious and airy as possible, to place a comfortable bathroom, a kitchen with a dishwasher, storage systems, as well as a place for sleeping and relaxing. To do this, the entire living space was located along the line of three windows, the bathroom and kitchen were closer to the entrance.

The status of the premises is apartments, so there were no problems with redevelopment. The bathroom was reduced, a partition separating the bedroom area from the kitchen was built.

The interior has the simplest functionality, the renovation is budget-friendly. Therefore, the main emphasis was placed on the color palette. Shades of sage were chosen as an accent color. Another interesting detail was the use of kitchen modules for wardrobes.

Kitchen furniture from Leroy Merlin. Filling: dishwasher, induction cooktop, 2-in-1 oven, built-in refrigerator. The kitchen is located on two sides: a work surface with all the necessary functionality on the one hand, a built-in refrigerator on the other side, as part of the wardrobes.

The choice of finishing materials was determined by the budget, functionality, and durability, as this is an apartment for the rental business. Moldings were added to decorate the dining area. The ceiling is stretched.

In the hallway-kitchen area, the storage system was made of Leroy Merlin kitchen modules, which helped to reduce the project budget and make the facades of the kitchen and hallway furniture unified. The second storage system in the bedroom area is made in a construction version. The wardrobe system is mesh, curtains were used instead of facades.

Cabinet and kitchen furniture, wardrobe systems — Leroy Merlin. A bed, a bedside table, a dining group and a chest of drawers were already in the hands of the customers. The chest of drawers was placed on black metal legs. The floor mirror in the dining area of the group was inherited from the carpentry industry. This is a panel for the front door, which did not fit in size, it was left for the project, a new one was made for the front door.

The bathroom has a shower tray with a fence, a long countertop with a countertop sink. A washing machine and laundry basket are installed under the countertop.

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