“Secret” room and beautiful finishing: Apartment of 77 m2

The designer has created a comfortable layout and interior, thought out to the smallest detail. And the owners received a ready-made apartment, where everything has already been done up to the curtains on the windows.

Customer & Tasks

The owner of this apartment in one of the residential complexes is a middle-aged woman. She approached the Meliorem studio with the task of designing an ergonomic space in neutral colors and with a large number of functional storage systems. One of the important wishes is the creation of a guest room.


The developer rented out the apartment without partitions, and only separated the bathroom and toilet. The designers developed the layout based on the needs of the client – a common kitchen-living room, a master bedroom, a guest room, and a dressing room in the hallway (it became the very “secret” room since the door to it is discreetly integrated into the closet). The bathrooms were left separate, and to save more space in them, the hostess asked to take the washing machine and dryer to the guest room. They were installed in a closet across the wall from the bathroom (a washing machine cannot be located in the living room today – editor’s note).


For the decoration of the walls, we chose wallpaper under matting – they are used in the living room, hall, and both bedrooms. For delicate accents, we chose wood-effect MDF panels, 3D panels in the master bedroom, and in the hallway, we opted for wallpaper panels with large flowers. It is a delicate intersection with the tiles on the kitchen backsplash with a similar floral pattern.

For the floor, we chose a parquet board. A small area in the kitchen area is lined with porcelain stoneware. The entrance area was also highlighted with tiles – it is more practical this way.

The bathroom and the toilet do not differ much in decoration. On the walls there is porcelain stoneware imitating light stone, on the floor there are tiles with a pattern (the tone of the tiles is combined with porcelain stoneware, but stands out due to the pattern).

In the bathroom, MDF panels were also used, which are used to decorate the wall in the installation area (part of the space is occupied by a wardrobe, but the wall was not crushed with different finishes).

Furniture & Storage Systems

All cabinet furniture was made to order. A wardrobe was built into the hallway, one of the sections of which is a passage to the dressing room adjacent to the entrance area.

The dressing room was planned as a place for seasonal items and household storage, while the closet was designed as sections for outerwear and shoes. A hanging console is provided for small things.

The master bedroom has a corner system – a wardrobe for casual clothes and open shelves for books and décor. Opposite the bed is a chest of drawers combined with a dressing table.

In the guest bedroom, there is the same set: a wardrobe (there is a washing machine and dryer, but there are sections for clothes), as well as a chest of drawers with a table that can be used as a work or toilet.

The kitchen is a corner, and one part is occupied by tall column cabinets with built-in appliances. In order to dissolve this massive structure, the adjacent wall is finished with panels exactly like kitchen facades. They are also supported by the wall decoration in the living room.

In the bathroom, there is a sink cabinet and a wardrobe with a mirror. And in the bathroom, there is a cabinet on the wall with an installation for various household supplies.


The general lighting is solved by track lamps and chandeliers. Additional light scenarios include sconces and hidden backlights. There are pass-through switches in the master bedroom and hallway, as well as a general switch at the entrance so that you can turn off all the lights in the apartment when leaving.

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this interior is a delight! the designer's apartment

This interior is a delight! The designer’s apartment

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