How an old apartment of 41 m² was transformed

Designer and foreman Tanya Lebedeva designed a small two-bedroom apartment in a typical block house for resale (the future owner has already bought this apartment). On 41.5 sq. m., the designer has created a stylish space with all the attributes and functionality for life, work, and leisure.

First of all, we created a competent and convenient redevelopment. We blocked the opening to the kitchen and made hinged doors between the kitchen and the living room. The entrance to the bedroom was left only from the living room – due to this, it was possible to competently organize storage in the room and in the hallway. The bathrooms were combined.

The kitchen with an area of 6 sq. m has a very comfortable workspace. In the layout of the headset, the rule of the working triangle was taken into account.

The kitchen set was supplemented with open shelves for accessories and décor, this is an ordinary wooden board, sawn to the desired size.

Laminate flooring was laid in a herringbone layout in a natural shade of oak. On the walls, wallpaper for painting is a practical finishing option.

Between the living room and the bedroom, a steep partition of corrugated glass was made. The result is a transforming system that helps to change the space with a slight movement of the hand. For it, there must be embeds in the ceiling – they are thought out at the project stage.

The bedroom is only 9 sq m, but it looks spacious. The storage system was made only on one side, plus there was room for a dressing table.

The bathroom was combined: it remained compact but roomy. They put a bathtub, a cabinet with a sink, a toilet. Behind the mirror, the wall was decorated with a 3D panel and complemented with beautiful lighting.

In the hallway, opposite the door, a console table was placed – it immediately adds a grandeur to the interior.

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