Simple Interiors: apartment of 160 square meters

Designer Lesya Pechenkina from the Simple Interiors studio designed apartment for a family of three. Thanks to the variety of textures and materials, furniture produced by famous European factories, and thoughtful decorative elements, the space looks spectacular and noble.

“The interior was created for a married couple with a child, successful and energetic people who appreciate family traditions and love to spend time beautifully and comfortably, receive guests, cook, and travel,” says the author of the project. “Customers love Italy and have their own homes there – hence the love of marble.”

“Customers came to us on the recommendation of our regular client – they are colleagues. Our task was to create a space that meets the interests of the owners and their way of life. It was necessary to give customers the opportunity to arrange friendly evenings, listen to their favorite music, relax together or spend time in the office playing the piano. One of the tasks was also to create a multifunctional room for my daughter.”

“Since we had to arrange the apartment, we were free to choose the planning solution. The shape of the room also gave us great variability in layouts – it turned out to be almost square. The radius wall has become an undoubted advantage, a feature of the interior. And the windows almost to the floor gave good illumination. We initially considered the column in the center of the apartment to be a disadvantage, but in the course of the work we managed to turn it into an advantage: we lined it with wooden and mirror panels, turning it into an art object and part of the desktop. “

“The layout is arranged according to our favorite formula: a spacious living room with a niche kitchen, a children’s room with a sleeping, rest, and work areas, a master unit with a bath and a private wardrobe, a separate office not connected with a block of bedrooms, as well as a common bathroom, a laundry room and a dressing room. Structurally, the solution in the kitchen-living room looks very advantageous: the rounded outer wall is repeated inside the room. “

“We wanted to create a multifaceted interior, looking at which, every time you see something new and find meaning in seemingly ordinary objects. The space turned out to be rich, cozy, enveloping, warm, and conducive to tranquility and relaxation. All these sensations are collected due to textures, shapes, colors, natural materials, the geometry of space, verified proportions, and semantic elements. This interior will be relevant in 10 years, as it is assembled from timeless materials and objects. “

“This project is distinguished by the fact that various types of marble are used in the interior. We integrated five different varieties, and we searched all warehouses in order to achieve the perfect result. Moreover, each node was technologically challenging: from the kitchen hood, completely lined with marble, to the design of the TV zone in the living room with a length of 4.5 meters. “

“We focused on naturalness in other finishes as well. In addition to stone, there is a lot of wood: parquet oak board, panels veneered with American walnut, which from the hallway drag with them to the living room. I would like to note that on these panels, in addition to the radius wall, it was possible to implement milling on the lower part, make atmospheric lighting and even repeat it on the doors. “

“This project is also indicative in terms of color. Each room uses a unique color scheme and many finishes. Combining all the details and putting them into a single picture was our main task. The apartment turned out to be quite bright, while with a light but giving charm and coziness haze, color accents, and a variety of materials. “

“When choosing furniture, it was important for us to convey to customers the value of iconic factories: we watched a lot together, touched, sat, and lay down. The combination of furniture from manufacturers such as Bonaldo, Henge, Minotti, and Baxter speaks for itself.”

“The apartment uses an air conditioning system with humidification nozzles and a smart home system. Kilometers of wires were collected in a huge shield, which is hidden in the dressing room at the entrance. Car hinge technology is used on the doors: the illumination opens when the doors are opened and closes into a single line when closed. “

“The laundry room has a niche for the cat in the door – Lilu the cat is a member of the family, so it was important that she was also comfortable in the new house. Therefore, we made a separate niche for the tray with illumination, and in the door – a hole with a leather door. “

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