15 things you don’t have to make excuses about

1. You are not obliged to explain your life situation to anyone.
If you live in a civil marriage, or move from one rented apartment to another, or live with your parents even if you are not in your twenties anymore, you do not have to explain to anyone why you are doing this and not another way. If you are fully aware of your life situation, then this means that you have your own reasons for keeping it that way, and they do not concern anyone.

2. You don’t have to explain your life priorities to anyone.
You have your own thoughts about what can be done for the comfort and happiness of your loved ones and yourself – this is your main priority. Since we are all unique individuals with different values, dreams, and aspirations, one person’s priorities can be completely different from another. You yourself define yours, and should not be explained to anyone.

3. You don’t have to apologize if you’re not sorry.
If you don’t regret your actions, still think someone was wrong, or don’t really need forgiveness, you shouldn’t apologize. Many people try to apologize too quickly in order to quickly heal wounds that are not yet ready for such “treatment.” This can only worsen the situation. You really don’t need to ask for forgiveness if you don’t feel guilty.

4. You are not obliged to make excuses to anyone for the time spent alone.
Many are afraid of being called “rude,” “antisocial,” “arrogant,” if they cancel plans or refuse invitations because they need to be alone for a while to relax, “reboot,” or just read a good book. In fact, these lonely timeouts are perfectly normal practice for most of us. Take them confidently and don’t bother with explanations.

5. You are not required to agree with anyone’s personal beliefs.
Just because someone is passionate about their beliefs, you don’t have to sit and nod in approval. If you do not share their ideas, it is unfair to yourself and others to pretend that you agree with them. Better to calmly argue with them than to accumulate disapproval and disappointment.

6. You don’t have to say yes.
You have every right to say “No” if there is no compelling reason to agree. The greatest success in all areas is achieved by people who have mastered the art of abandoning everything that is not their priority. Acknowledge the kindness of others and be grateful, but boldly say “No” to anything that distracts your attention from your main goals.

7. You don’t have to make excuses for your appearance.
You can be slim or fat, tall or not very, pretty or ordinary, but you don’t have to explain to anyone why you look that way. Your appearance is solely your business, here you owe only yourself. Don’t let your appearance determine your self-worth.

8. You do not have to explain your eating habits to anyone.
There are certain foods that you just don’t like for a variety of reasons, from taste to their effect on your health. If someone pesters you with a question about why you are eating (or not eating) certain foods, ignore it and answer that you feel good eating this way.

9. You do not have to report your sex life to anyone.
If you are in a close, consensual relationship with an adult, then it’s no one’s business where, how, or when you arrange your sex life. You can wait for marriage, enter into casual relationships, and even experiment with a person of the same sex as you – as long as you enjoy it – it’s entirely up to you.

10. You do not have to explain your career or personal choices to anyone.
Sometimes circumstances force us to choose between work and personal life. This decision is not always easy, and you may end up choosing a job – not because you don’t care about your family, but because this choice will give you security in the future. In any case, you do not have to explain to others why you chose the profession (or vice versa) if you are sure that you are doing everything right.

11. You are not required to explain your political or religious views.
Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Catholic, Protestant, or Muslim, this is your personal choice. You don’t have to explain your faith. When someone cannot accept you for who you are, this is their problem, not yours.

12. You don’t have to explain why you are alone.
Whether you are married or not, should not concern anyone but you. Loneliness is not a personality disorder. You are free to choose whether to enter into a relationship or not. Just remember: you are not your marital status. No need to stick useless social labels on yourself and others.

13. You are not obligated to meet with anyone just because you are asked to.
Someone may be cute, but you don’t have to go on a date with them. If you feel deep down that you do not need this meeting, then do not go to it. Find a reason for refusal and do not change your mind.

14. You do not have to explain your marriage decision to anyone.
Whether you want to get married and have children or remain free and childless, it will remain a personal decision. Even if your mom is just delusional with her grandchildren, she will have to come to terms with your life choices, no matter how difficult it may be.

15. You don’t have to explain your relationship choices.
Sometimes people make inappropriate comments about your romantic relationship. Surely someone said that you are “not a perfect match” or that you need to look for someone else. However, in this matter, you are not accountable to anyone but yourself. Live your own life and never end or stay in a relationship just because someone tells you to. Make mistakes and learn from them – that’s life.

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