White Bedroom: 50 Inspirational Examples

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The white bedroom seems to be filled with light and air, it visually seems larger, and more spacious. Nothing draws attention to itself and does not distract from the rest. White is one of the main shades in the French interior palette, as it serves as a win-win background for works of art. He is loved in Japan and the Scandinavian countries.

For many, a white bedroom seems like the perfect option. But to cope with a monochrome interior can be difficult. To prevent the room from being boring or sterile, Swedish designer and stylist Lotta Agathon advises paying attention not to pure white, but to its shades – from ivory to arctic snow. In New Nordic interiors, the shade “Stockholm white” (Stockholmsvit) with the addition of gray and yellow pigment is popular.

Lotta recommends letting natural light into the interior as much as possible – so that white shows its reflective abilities. Surfaces to choose imperfect, combining several different textures. And on the floor, use light parquet so that the interior of the white bedroom acquires an airy mood.

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