Colourful townhouse in East London: PL Studio’s project

colourful townhouse in east london pl studios project 1

The customers of the project A love affair with color are in love with Bright Colors. It was with the help of color that they planned to transform their new home, a townhouse recently built in the Forest Gate area. The light gray rooms from the developer became a blank canvas for the PL Studio duo, on which they had to “paint” a welcoming and colorful interior, ideal for relaxation, entertainment, reception, and work.

“While we admired the architecture and how beautifully natural light filled the townhouse, we felt that the overall property lacked character and positivity,” say designers Sabrina Panizza and Aude Lérin, who in their practice “combine Italian and French style with a passion for color and a big dose of boldness and humor.”

The starting point for the project was a trip to Marrakech undertaken by the owners shortly before the renovation, from where they returned inspired and eager to bring the atmosphere of the famous Majorelle Garden to their London home. So the main color in the interior was electric cobalt blue, known as Majorelle blue.

In the hallway, which immediately sets the right mood, this is the main color, through other rooms it passes as a connecting “blue thread”: in the decoration of the walls, the choice of textiles and accessories. The vibrant Mediterranean palette, in addition to cobalt blue, consists of sunny yellow, and various shades of green and pink.

In different rooms, one or another color predominates, but they all converge in a common space that unites the living room, dining room, and kitchen. It is decorated with geometric shapes painted on the walls — a modern version of traditional wall panels, with the help of which you can both visually zone the space and create a surreal mood. The same technique of “trompe l’oeil”, or trompe l’oeil, can be seen in the office, where the owner of the house, a psychologist by profession, receives his clients: arches on the walls add depth to the interior, and a serene blue sky with clouds on the ceiling helps to relax.

The chosen furniture and décor create an interesting contrast with the bright background. There are vintage finds, souvenirs from Morocco, such as traditional colorful carpets, and unusual sculptural things. “Initially, our clients didn’t have a clear idea of what they wanted,” the designers note, “but they longed to be surrounded by artwork, flowers, and objects that would give them a powerful positive energy.”

Author:Gulnara Letfullina
Photo:Taran Wilkhu, Aude Lerin

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