Trends 2023/2024: recycled felt furniture

Design studio Stackabl and  Maison Gerard explore the creative possibilities of reusing materials. They draw on both antique collecting culture and recent recycling inventions. Together they developed an innovative system for designing bespoke furniture and lighting without waste.

The technique was created in close cooperation with regional manufacturers, using algorithms and robotics. The Stacklab system identifies the remains of goods in warehouses and factories (located within a radius of a couple of hundred kilometers from the studio), and with the help of the machines of the manufacturers themselves, transfers them to their own specialists. This approach harnesses regional resources, empowers the local economy, and reduces the carbon footprint.

The online configurator with an easy-to-use interface seamlessly includes a designer in this process. It allows users to turn high-quality merino felt scraps into custom furniture, with everything from colors and patterns to sizes and weights to choose from. Real-time visualization in 2D and 3D, as well as an instant display of composition price, provide a transparent experience that lets the imagination run wild.

The first Stackabl collection was released in 2021. Most of the things from famous studios are game variations for assembling various elements. Six New York-based designers, including Champalimaud Design, Frampton Co, Laura Kirar Design, Drake/Anderson, Georgis & Mirgorodsky, and Benoist F. Drut, showed off their take on couture pieces made from scraps. Here you can see all genres – from a simple armchair to an extravagant deck chair. Presented at the Salon Art + Design in New York in November 2021, the collection won the Green Good Design Award.

In the 2023 lineup, the ready-to-wear concept is guessed. The fixtures, also made from recycled felt and aluminum with powerful, energy-saving LEDs, are easy to adjust. The buyer has more control over the price, which allowed to expand the audience. The light designer helped come up with Anton Frank Keeler, who designed both the interior and exterior fixtures around the original system, using most of the furniture collection’s components. All lampshades are modular: any of the five articles of the configurator can be customized to your liking by choosing the length of the internal structure, as well as the diameter of the felt discs. Lightweight, dimmable, soundproof, environmentally friendly luminaires look great in any environment, from residential to public.

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