These 5 items cheapen the kitchen interior – how to replace them to transform the space

A beautiful kitchen is the pride of every housewife. However, some common household items deprive even the most stylish and modern solutions of aesthetics. Let’s tell you more about them!

These five points are the main ones in creating a beautiful atmosphere in the kitchen. Even if you are not planning a renovation, they will make your kitchen space more comfortable. 

Bright sponges for dishes

Perhaps this is the most famous enemy of a cozy kitchen interior. Especially after several days of active use, when their hard part wears off and looks untidy. It is better to choose sponges in neutral colors – although finding them in domestic stores is much more difficult. 

Dishwashing detergents

Of course, some of the packaging looks quite nice. However it is better to pour the product into a specially purchased container that matches the color scheme of the kitchen. Or build a hidden compartment for detergent under the sink with a dispenser located near the tap – and forget about acid-colored bottles. 

Plastic boards

Again, it’s all about the tasteless bright colors – after all, plastic boards often have exactly that color! In addition, they are not designed for long-term use and quickly lose their original appearance, becoming covered with deep scratches. It is better to buy good wooden boards for the kitchen. They also look very aesthetically pleasing!

Glossy cabinets

In the 2000s, bright cabinets with a glossy finish were in fashion. Red, blue, purple, green – housewives could choose any color they liked. And soon you catch yourself thinking how tired you are of such wild colors in the kitchen. In addition, the glossy coating requires careful care, otherwise, it instantly becomes untidy in appearance.

Today, it is considered more appropriate to choose a kitchen set with a matte finish and a neutral color scheme, which visually increases the space of the room. 

Plastic bread box 

It’s hard to decide what looks worse – a cheap plastic bread box or the bread bag itself. For food storage, it is better to choose stronger options made of wood and metal.

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