Soft minimalism: 10 timeless bathroom ideas

Smooth soft forms are in tune with nature and pleasing to the human eye, so they are firmly established in today’s interior. The Soft Minimal trend has not bypassed the bathroom either.

1 /10 Fontana, Flaminia bath

The round shape is perfect, but not often used for a free-standing bathtub – this fact makes Fontana by Flaminia stand out. Made of durable Pietraluce composite (a mixture of hydrated alumina, titanium dioxide, and polyester resin), 135 cm in diameter, designed by Giulio Cappellini. The Milanese architect, designer, entrepreneur, curator, and producer is a figure without whom modern design in general and Italian design, in particular, is inconceivable. The head of the legendary company Cappellini, it was he who was the first to understand that global strategies are well absorbed by those brands that work like a factory of stars.  

2 /10 Architectura, Villeroy & Boch washbasin

The overlay model from  Villeroy & Boch‘s Architectura collection stands out not only with its impeccable timeless shape but also with its alpine white shade. One of the best collections of the German brand was designed by Oliver Conrad’s studio. The studio from Düsseldorf brought together supporters of purist style and minimalism. She has been collaborating with Villeroy & Boch since 2000. Architectura is not just a collection, it is a comprehensive system concept that provides the client with many possibilities for creating an individual interior. The labels contain QR codes with complete information about the installation and characteristics of the item.

3 /10 Tono, Noken mixer

Norman Foster’s company Fosters and Partners is known for massive architectural projects – it’s tempting to decorate the interior with a piece from the most influential designer in the world. For the Spanish concern Porcelanosa, Foster’s team has developed a large collection of Tono, more than 100 matching items. Among them is a single-lever mixer brand Noken. Tono is flexible: almost any interior configuration is possible with it. Grouped in a series of common, simple design language, each item emphasizes the honesty of the material, the simplicity of the form, and the art of workmanship.

4 /10 Happy D.2, Duravit toilet

Rounded corners are the leitmotif of the Happy D.2 of the German brand Duravit. The series, launched in 1999 and updated in 2013, impresses with the accuracy of proportions. Models of different types are presented, but one can be especially recommended: the hanging one is suitable for both a spacious room and a small one. Rimless® rimless technology guarantees hygiene – the toilet is easier to keep clean. The authors of Happy D.2 are the Sieger brothers, Sieger design. “The essence of the Happy D. aesthetic remains unchanged,” says Michael Sieger. “She brings elegance.” “The whole body of the 20th-century design is an incredible source of our inspiration,” Christian continues. — Among our landmarks is the legendary Pentagram. Those who worked in this agency managed to combine business, art, and design … “

5 /10 Starck shower, AXOR shower head

“If the life of an ordinary collection is limited to five years, then the design one is successful for decades,” says Philippe Grohe, the founder of the AXOR brand. The brand has the most collaborations with Philippe Starck, who has a reputation as the most popular designer in the world. Among the collaborations is the Starck shower collection. The jet types are switched by rotating the spray disc. “Design should serve people,” Stark says. Rectilinear forms are timeless and for more than 20 years they have convinced us again and again: design should not distract, but help us to live.

6 /10 Stairs, Agape hanger

Designers Benedini Associati called their invention Stairs (stairs). The hanger in the form of a ladder appeared in 1996 and is still one of the bestsellers, saving the bathroom from numerous hooks. On the crossbars, it is convenient to place both towels and clothes. A thin dark silhouette is a graphic accent important in a minimalist interior. Material: stained oak. The family studio Benedini Associati was founded in 1999, Bibi and Camilla Bendini joined the firm of their father, the architect Giampaolo Bendini, whose professional activities span everything from Bugatti design to bathtubs and faucets. He is the co-founder of Agape, the flagship of Italian minimalism.

 /10 Talo, Artemide lamp

The Talo wall model was designed for the Italian factory Artemide by designer Neil Poulton, a Scot from Paris who specializes in creating “deceptively simple” lighting fixtures. His work almost annually receives design awards. Poulton’s horse is a technological lighting design. In 2019, Neil was inducted into the Napier University Hall of Fame in Edinburgh and named one of France’s top 100 designers at the same time. Compactness combined with efficiency is the main advantage of Talo. As well as a clear, well-considered form, not burdened with unnecessary details. Dimensions 21 x 12 x 10 cm.

8 /10 Nimbus, Menu mirror

The Copenhagen studio of Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts alumni Madsom Sötter-Lassen and Emil Kroyer promotes an honest approach to design. “We create logical designs that demonstrate an understanding of culture and Danish design heritage.” Designed by Krøyer Sætter Lassen for the Danish brand Menu, the Nimbus small table mirror can be a subtle accent that softens the overall austerity of the style. There is a wall interpretation of it. The model with smooth curves is intended to remind of a shining nimbus – a halo that surrounded the heads of Greek gods and heroes. The mirror gives the interior the femininity that is in demand today and with a slight touch of nostalgia.

9 /10 Tempo Clock, Magis clock

The Tempo Clock illustrates the axiom of a minimalist interior: if you want to decorate, then use it as a useful thing. Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa designed a plastic model for Magis in two colors, in this case, white and gray, but there are also other options: white with black or red. The author knows how to deal with budget material in such a way that it looks impressive. “Minimalism is not just a concept, not one concept or thing that you can understand by looking at it. This whole space is the whole atmosphere that surrounds us. All elements in such an environment are ideally suited to each other, which creates a feeling of completeness, completeness.

10 /10 Wet Room Paint, Flugger paint

The bathroom is strongly associated with ceramic tiles, but modern technology offers more interesting solutions. Wet Room Paint by the Danish brand Flügger is designed specifically for wet rooms. It prevents the formation of mold and fungus, is strong, durable, and easy to clean, it can even be used for a shower. Painted walls give the bathroom a more “residential” feel and are much easier to renovate and repair than tiles.

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