Open Kitchen: Tradition or Fashion?

Whether to combine the kitchen with the living room, what zones to allocate and how to organize storage?

“The placement and layout of the kitchen should correspond to the wishes and lifestyle of a particular customer and, of course, the chosen style. The American version (open space) is in vogue. The open kitchen integrates with the dining and sofa area into a luxurious common space, while the kitchen furniture maintains the style of the living room.

Traditionalists love separate rooms for the kitchen. Usually symmetrically planned, with an island in the center and a wide variety of lockers and work surfaces. In a country house or a large apartment, even in the case of a large kitchen size, it will not be superfluous to have an additional small pantry where you can hide rarely used dishes or store food. “

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“The layout depends on the lifestyle of the owners. If we have a large family with children, it is more logical to separate the kitchen. If a bachelor or a young couple – almost one hundred percent it will be placed in a common space. We like to combine the kitchen with the living room (providing for the possibility of isolating the cooking place with glass sliding partitions). In this case, it is necessary to make it different from the kitchen, for example, to provide for closing the front, masking the mixer, and equipment.

A good option for a large room will be an island. It serves as a link between those who eat and those who cook. It’s great when there is a separate room for storing food, and dishes. When designing large country houses, in addition to the ceremonial kitchen (where breakfasts, coffee, and dishes are usually prepared),
we plan an additional working room, where the main part of the work on cooking takes place. “

“We ourselves love to cook and we can confidently say that the correct system of organizing kitchen areas is extremely important for the convenience of the cook.
Ideally, the dining room should be in a separate room so that breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with the family look neat and solemn. But this is not always feasible, so you can simply separate the dining group from the cooking and storage area with a minimum distance of at least
120 cm (it is necessary for free passage). The bar counter and the island are important components of a modern kitchen.

The main condition is the availability of a sufficient number of square meters. If the kitchen is compact, you can put a small bar counter, at least for two seats – this will add expressiveness and convenience to the interior. The main principle of organizing storage spaces: everything “popular” should be at hand. But what is used only
occasionally can be pushed away.”

“When we design houses, first of all we perform general functional zoning and compose the kitchen space. Almost always we combine it with the dining room and living room: by allocating the kitchen to a separate room, we thereby isolate the one who cooks in it. A kitchen is a kind of workshop. It should be ergonomic and functional. It is important to provide convenient connection points for electrical appliances. Perform high-quality lighting of cooking areas and storage systems.

Once, we installed too cold light and the food looked unattractive – we had to change the lamps! From experience, we know that the upper cabinets are less roomy and more expensive, so we try to abandon them in favor of lower bases, an island or high pencil cases. If we put hinged modules, then those that open by pressing a finger on the front, and close with a button. It is better to complete the lower bases with drawers, so it is easier to get items. “

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