How to close windows from the sun: 4 simple options

We tell you how to protect your apartment from the sun with curtains, blinds, or special thermal protective film.

In sunny weather, apartments on the south side turn into a hot oven, so sun protection is required for the windows in the apartment. Let’s figure out what it can be.

Those whose windows face south especially suffer from the heat. For them, the only way to get the coveted coolness is to prevent exposure to sunlight. How to protect your apartment from the sun in hot summers in different ways? Let’s talk.

1. Curtains

The easiest way is to curtain the window opening with curtains. The fabric and the number of its layers are chosen based on how lightproof the curtain should be.


So, the blackout model will not let any light through at all. A dense three-layer product completely darkens the room. Curtains are attached to curtain rods and, if necessary, they are moved apart or moved. This allows you to control natural light. 


  • Curtains are easy to manufacture, attach, and use.
  • They look attractive.
  • They provide the opportunity to complement a variety of interior styles.


  • Thick fabric attracts dust, so it is washed often. This is quite troublesome, considering that after washing the curtains also need to be ironed.
  • Moved curtains completely block the view from the window and prevent the flow of fresh air.

If you don’t want to hang heavy curtains, choose a multi-layer design. Light tulle and two or three sets of thicker curtains. They make up ensembles of different light transmittance, adjusting the illumination depending on the weather.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds or roller blinds are also very good. The canvas is rolled up and secured on top of the sash or opening. In the first case, the fabric fits as tightly as possible to the glass, so complete darkness is obtained. 

Advantages of roller blinds

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • The canvas is treated with dust-repellent impregnation, which greatly facilitates maintenance.
  • A wide range of fabrics, including materials with reflective, opaque, or light-diffusing effects.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.


The design has a few disadvantages. Perhaps the most significant is the difficulty in selecting a model for a non-standard window system. Roller shutters are available in standard sizes. They will have to be customized, if possible, or made to order, which is expensive. 


Roman blinds are similar to roller blinds. But they do not wrap around the roller, but rise and fold into beautiful folds. They are usually sewn from natural fabrics and fixed to the opening. Their advantages are similar to roller shutters; the disadvantage is that they are difficult to maintain. Because they are rarely impregnated with a dust-repellent solution.

Any curtains will darken the room well. When choosing colors, you should prefer light colors. Provided that the material is dense and there are several layers of fabric, the light resistance of the model will not be affected. But it will attract the sun’s rays weaker and heat up less. This will help you get the desired coolness in the apartment. 

2. Darkening windows in an apartment from the sun with film

Not long ago, thermal protective films appeared on sale. They are made from a mixture of polymers, which makes it possible to obtain a material with varying degrees of protection from ultraviolet radiation. The films are thin and light. As needed, they are glued to the glass and then removed. There are no traces of protection left since no glue is needed for fastening. 

Types of protective film

  • Internal. Sticks to the inner surface of the window sash. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose a shade that matches the main design. 
  • Outdoor. Applied to the outside of a window. It has increased strength and protects against ultraviolet radiation and mechanical damage. The range of colors is limited to black and light gray metallic.
  • Spatternaya. Multilayer material with the best sun protection characteristics. The main disadvantage is that it reduces the illumination of the room.

All types of film reflect the sun’s rays well and do not allow excess heat into the house. At the same time, they do not block the view from the window and do not attract dust. They are very easy to care for. Self-assembly and dismantling are possible. Before thermal films appeared, foil was used instead. The result was good, only the opaque material completely blocked the view and obscured the room. 

How to stick film

It is very easy to apply thermal protection yourself. Choose a cloudy day or a time before the sun has risen. This is a must. The glass is thoroughly washed and degreased. Leave slightly damp. The film is cut to the size of the sash and the protective layer is removed from it. Then press the strip against the glass and carefully straighten it with a soft spatula or just a rag. There should be no bubbles or creases left. 

Remove the material from the glass simply by pulling the corner of the coating.

3. External and internal blinds

Often the problem of how to close windows from the sun in an apartment is solved with the help of blinds. Practical curtains made of slats, the position of which can be adjusted, effectively protect the room from excessive heat. The width of the lamellas can be different, as well as their angle of inclination. The plates are most often plastic, but there are also wooden ones. True, they are more difficult to care for, but they look more elegant. 

Models for fastening inside are mounted on a frame. By adjusting the position of the lamellas, complete or partial darkening is achieved. External blinds are more massive and durable. They are installed as protection against unauthorized entry and from the sun. Additionally, they protect from prying eyes, which is very important for residents of the lower floors. Exterior blinds are usually metal or wood. Can be equipped with remote control.

Many people believe that blinds give the room an office look. Therefore, they are chosen for loggias and glazed balconies, which are also exposed to excessive insolation. Reducing the temperature in these rooms helps to keep the room pleasantly cool. Blinds are very convenient and functional. The hardest part about using them is cleaning. Because you have to clean every plate. To make the task easier, special brushes are used that capture several lamellas at once.

4. Brownout

If full shading is not relevant for some reason, there are several partial options.

  • Bamboo curtains. The plates are assembled into a canvas according to the principle of blinds, but their position cannot be adjusted. The panel is wound onto a roller attached to the upper part of the window opening or frame. When unfolded, they let in soft diffused light, which is very pleasant in the hot summer. 
  • Marquises. Thick curtains, assembled in the form of a canopy, which is hung outside above the window opening or balcony area. It protects well from scorching rays while leaving the view unobstructed. 
  • Day-night roller shutters. They use two types of fabric: translucent and dense. By changing the position of the stripes, you can effectively protect yourself from sunlight or let maximum light into the room.

We figured out how to close windows from the sun with our own hands. These are very simple but effective methods. Using one of them you can enjoy the coolness on the hottest day. At the same time, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or effort to realize your plan.

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