For the eco-friendly: 7 IKEA recycled home products

If you want to help nature, you can choose eco-friendly products for your home. For example, from recycled materials. These are also in the assortment of the Swedish brand.

An eco-friendly lifestyle and care for the environment are one of the main values ​​of the modern person. If we talk about interior and household habits, then it is worth thinking about less consumption, and choosing household goods from recyclable materials. All this will reduce the amount of garbage and save the planet. In our selection – are stylish accessories from IKEA, which are partially or completely made from recycled materials. 

1. Hilleborg curtains

These curtains block the sun’s rays, and thanks to their laconic design and versatile gray color, they can fit into almost any interior. In addition, the dense material is able to delay drafts and even street noises. Surprisingly, the polyester that the curtains are made from comes from recycled plastic bottles.

2. Carpet “Sporup”

A soft, short-pile carpet in a versatile beige color can be a unifying link in a living room interior. It will come in handy in the bedroom, it will be nice to stand on it with bare feet. And in the nursery, such a carpet will become a cool place for fun games. To create “Sporup”, they also used recycled plastic bottles. 


One of the main components of comfortable and healthy sleep is the correct filling of the bedroom. The Sternbrack duvet is light and comfortable, yet breathable and moisture-wicking. Unpretentiousness will be an additional bonus – machine washing at 60 degrees is enough to keep the blanket in perfect condition. The filling is half lyocell, half recycled polyester (hollow polyester fiber), and the cover is made from a blend of cotton and lyocell. 

4. A set of boxes “Skubb”

The Skubb series has long established itself as a convenient organizer for various storage systems. Most often these are wardrobes and dressing rooms. A set of boxes made from recycled polyester will help you organize your clothes and accessories in the right and convenient way. Everything you need will be at hand, and when the boxes are no longer needed, they can be folded and stored compactly until the next need. 

5. Pillow “LYKTFIBBLA”

Due to the elongated shape, the pillow can be used as a cushion to support the back, neck, and legs, the filling is made of recycled polyester, and the print that adorns both sides of the product was created by Hannah Wilcox, a London-based designer.

6. Shade “Mojna”

A lampshade in tandem with a frosted light bulb will give pleasant diffused lighting in the room. You can choose the cord suspension at your discretion, creating a unique lamp design. Made from a blend of recycled plastic and viscose, Mojna is easy to store and carry in a simple flat box. 

7. Curtain for the bathroom “Klockaren”

The curtain is made of water-repellent material, polyester (100% recycled material, according to IKEA). On both sides, a laconic decorative ornament is applied to the curtain. It does not draw attention to itself, and the curtain as a whole looks quite neutral – what you need for a compact bathroom.

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