Example of a minimalist and elegant interior

The penthouse project in Krakow in Podgórze is an example of a minimalist and elegant interior with an area of approx. 110 m2. It was designed in 2022 for the young “Single”.

Project Details:
Penthouse Podgorze
Location: Krakow, Poland
Area: 110 m2
Year: 2022
Author: Konzept Architekci

The functional layout was designed from scratch – it includes an open living area with a living room, kitchen, and dining room, which is the heart of the apartment, thanks to which the owner can enjoy the space and easy access to all rooms. The entrance hall is open to the living room, which allows the free flow of light and optically increases the space. The apartment includes a toilet and an additional larger bathroom, which has been equipped with a sauna. The guest room is spacious and comfortable, which allows you to receive guests in comfortable conditions. A bedroom is a place with a private bath. Thanks to this, the owner can rest and regenerate his strength.

Architectural project by Konzept Architekci

The design is kept in minimalist colors, with the use of black glass and label elements that give the interior an elegant and modern character. Smoked mirrors reflect light and optically enlarge the space. Stained oak wood gives warmth and coziness. Dark ceilings and quartz sinters add depth and unique character to the interior. In order to emphasize the uniqueness of the project, designer furniture and lamps were used, which give the interior an individual style and character. The whole is coherent and harmonious, which allows you to freely use the space and enjoy its beauty.

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