Project Details

Project name: The “Cyclops House”
Location: Poznań Area
Area: Approx. 380 m2
Year: 2022
Author: Konzept Architekci

The house is located on a flat, trapezoidal plot.

Investor’s guidelines: A modern and timeless form in a horizontal layout. Opening the house to a private zone – garden. Closing the house to the public zone – the street. Conscious and well-defined functional guidelines.

Structure and function: The layout of the building is based on the shape of the letter L. The first part of the house is arranged along the street and divides the plot into zones – private and public zones. it has an entrance area, garages and children’s rooms, a guest room, and an office.

The second segment runs deeper into the plot. It uses the maximum exposure potential and the views of the plot. There are the day zone of the ground floor and the master zone on the first floor.

The shape itself was created based on the functional layout which was strongly specified by the Investor. We wanted to create a modern and minimalist form inspired by the modernity of Denmark and Spain. To obtain a horizontal perception of solids from the street perspective, we decided to move the building’s fence back to the line of the house. Thanks to this, we get the impression of a house on the full width of the plot. In addition, such a procedure allowed us to clearly separate the plot zones, which was very important to our clients.

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