8 easy steps to bring spring into your home

Of course, the main action in preparation for spring is to arrange to declutter, and then carry out a thorough cleaning. In the article, we will advise more private actions that will allow you to clean and decorate the space around you in anticipation of the new season.

1. Refresh posters or photos

If not a wall gallery, then a couple of posters, paintings, or photographs can be found in almost everyone in the apartment. They are often forgotten about. First, update the images themselves: new photos can be printed, and posters can be replaced with more up-to-date ones for the season. In addition, the pictures fade and give the interior an untidy look. Secondly, wipe the frames from dust – it is not visible from afar, but after cleaning the accessories will immediately look like new.

2. Take care of the plants

Spring is the perfect season for transplanting and caring for flowers. Take care of those seedlings that have come to the time to move to a larger container, and add fertilizer when transplanting. The useful can be combined with the pleasant – to plant flowers in beautiful new pots. You can replace everything in general by buying the same models in different sizes.

3. Choose a new scent for your home

Of course, spring is already associated with fresh pleasant aromas, but this is not a reason not to use an interior perfume. If you’ve never used diffusers before, this is a great place to start. And if before that the apartment had more dense winter aromas, then it is worth switching to lighter, fresher ones. The smells of thunderstorms, citrus, morning dew, powder, flax, and lilac are most suitable.

4. Make a permutation

A different arrangement of furniture will update the look of the house and, perhaps, even simplify life, making it more pleasant. For example, you can move a work, cosmetic, or dining table to the window – it depends on your lifestyle. It is much more pleasant to work, get together or drink tea by the window (especially an open one!): more light and air. Move other furniture as well. So, you can test bold schemes with a sofa in the center of the room or a bed with a headboard not against the wall.

5. Dismantle the decor and books on the shelves

If we do not forget to remove the dust from the shelves during standard cleaning, then the decor placed on them is not always given enough attention. It’s not just about changing decorations if there are seasonal options like Christmas trees or flowers. Also sort books according to a certain principle (color, format, theme, frequency of use), wipe their spines and covers with dry microfiber, and repair torn ones. Sort out the decorative elements and arrange them beautifully – small accessories like to “bunch up” and create clutter. During this, wipe them too, paying attention to small details.

6. Update textiles for more comfort

When updating textiles, first of all, take care, not of the external gloss (it is often advised to hang other curtains or change decorative pillowcases). Do something that is not so noticeable, but affects your comfort and the overall impression of the interior: new bedding, water-repellent tablecloth for the kitchen, and kitchen towels. When everyday things are pleasant to use and pleasing to the eye, it improves the standard of living. 

7. Hang roller blinds or ordinary blackout

The sun is starting to rise earlier, so in order to sleep better in the early hours, it is better to create darkness in the bedroom. One option is to replace existing curtains with blackouts. You can take similar to the old ones or pick up a completely new fabric. And if you choose exactly roller blinds, then as an experiment, give up the usual ones and leave only light tulle. So you will sleep comfortably, and in the daytime, even more light will enter the room. This will not only have a beneficial effect on the mood but also transform the atmosphere.

8. End the imperfections

Even the most careful owners can sometimes give up on some minor damage or forget about a long-standing repair defect. Spring is the road, and such shortcomings are a strict “no”. A leaky faucet, a creaky door, a chipped painted wall, a split seam on a sofa cushion—try to write a list of things to fix or complete in your home and get on with it. After the execution, an amazing feeling awaits you.

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