7 simple ways to add romance to your interior (if it’s missing)

Add pink, projector, and hang garlands – we make the interior more romantic with the help of small details.

1. Add colors

There are colors that we associate with romantic feelings and atmosphere: red and pink. Since they are bright and rich, it is better to introduce them into the interior with the help of accent elements. For example, throw a blanket over a chair, and change the covers of sofa cushions. Or put flowers in a vase, and choose candles and glasses to match. New details will quickly change the atmosphere in the interior and create a feeling of celebration, and then they can be easily removed and replaced with familiar discreet accessories.

2. Hang a canopy over the bed

A great way to add romance to your bedroom is to hang a canopy over your bed. This is quite easy to do with your own hands: you need to fix the curtain rod on the ceiling and choose a beautiful fabric. You can use several materials: light and lightweight, which allows air to pass through, and denser ones if you need to block out sunlight and create a feeling of privacy. 

3. Install a movie projector

A great idea for a romantic evening is watching movies on a projector. If you are organizing such events just for the atmosphere, you will not need a special screen and expensive equipment. The simplest model and a white wall are enough. If there is no light surface in the room, you can pull a sheet over it. Add to this a beautifully served romantic dinner and your favorite movie to remember the evening for a long time.

4. Decorate the balcony

An insulated balcony can be a great place to spend time together. Remove everything unnecessary, and equip a closed storage system. You can repaint the walls or floor: if the area is small, this will take no more than one day. Then choose the right furniture. This could be a small table for two or a podium with a mattress and pillows. Add garland, candles, and live plants. Don’t forget a speaker for music or a vintage turntable for a more interesting atmosphere.

5. Hang a garland

The easiest way to make the interior more atmospheric and cozy is to use a garland. It can be hung on a wall or window, stretched along the head of the bed, or placed in a glass vase. Add to this your photos on clothespins, and artificial or dried flowers.

6. Print photos together

Most modern couples store photos of them together on their phones and on social networks. Select the most successful ones, print them, frame them, and hang them on the wall. If the size of the photos is not very large, place them on a white background. Also, to make all the images look harmonious, you can make them black and white.

Make sure your photos match the rest of your wall decor. For example, if your photo was taken on a beach vacation, add posters with a tropical theme.

7. Keep mementos visible

If you have stylish souvenirs that remind you of pleasant moments together, keep them in plain sight. Choose a good place and decorate the composition beautifully. Memories of good days will create an atmosphere of romance just as good as valentines.

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