How to arrange a stylish kitchen in a micro two-room apartment

The designers divided the set into two parts and moved the refrigerator into the room

Designers from the DSGN HUB studio created a modern but at the same time very cozy space for the young prima ballerina. The living room was combined with the kitchen, while the work area was made as aesthetically pleasing and formal as possible.

A special feature of the layout is the kitchen in two parts, separated by a doorway. The kitchen received an unusual location due to restrictions. Initially, it was located at the left window, but it was necessary to place a bedroom there – the kitchen had to be moved. The sink and stove remained partly in the former kitchen area and partly in the corridor area. The refrigerator was moved into the room – this is not prohibited. 

“This kitchen became an experiment for everyone – for us, for the carpentry workshop, and for the hostess as well. At the same time, all participants in the process rated the experiment as successful. For the housewife, the layout turned out to be experimental, since there is no so-called “work triangle” in the classical sense – for example, the refrigerator was at a distance from the sink and stove. But practice has shown that this did not make the kitchen any less convenient to use. In terms of content, the kitchen is absolutely complete; it has everything a young girl needs,” the designers share.

The walls of the hallway are painted the same color as the ceiling, moreover, the color is especially dark. In this contrast, the bright living room looks more advantageous and spacious.

The protruding handles are made of solid wood, and the facade itself is veneered. Despite the fact that the facade with the handle looks like a single element, it is a prefabricated structure. By design, the refrigerator facades are completely different. The lower one is made with a horizontal solid wood handle; we had to figure out how to open the upper façade without disturbing the design, but also without resorting to an expensive system. A solution was found – an integrated handle beveled in a special way.

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