6 Proofs That Neutral Colors Are Not Boring

On what background the paintings and accessories will look good, the textures will become more noticeable and the room will be more spacious.

1. Neutral colors are applicable in all styles.

Using neutral colors, you can set the foundation for almost any style: classic, scandinavian, boho, minimalism, or loft. All attention will be paid to furniture and accessories.

Even such a colorful style as pop art is best complemented by a neutral base, otherwise, it will most likely be uncomfortable to live in it. Bright furniture and paintings will only benefit from this: they will attract attention, but not irritate the eyes.

2. On a neutral background, textures are more noticeable

If it is important for you to emphasize a textured wall, wood pattern on the floor, matte stone tiles, or an interesting fabric, choose neutrals as the main color:

  • White ;
  • Black ;
  • Gray ;
  • Beige ;
  • Cream;
  • Light grey.

They favorably emphasize textures and allow you to create deep and detailed interiors. The interior, based on the game with textures, is very thoughtful and elegant.

3. Neutral background is good for the artwork

The neutral background will not distract from your designer finds: paintings, unusual furniture, and sculptures. The light background of the walls, ceiling, and floor will allow them to become the main accent in the room. It will be possible to safely combine them with each other and not be afraid that it will turn out “too much”.

4. Neutral colors save poorly lit rooms

In every house, there is a room that did not get sunlight: a bathroom, a corridor, an entrance hall. Sometimes there is not enough light in the bedroom or living room, due to an overcast climate or a neighboring building outside the window. In this case, neutral colors will emphasize the light that is there and create a feeling of airy and light space. A warm range will add a sense of comfort in the grayest winter.

5. Neutral colors do not bother and give space for experimentation.

Even if you really want to paint the walls in a rich color, you should ask yourself if this color will be your favorite in a few years. For those whose taste preferences often change, the basic color scheme is the best solution. It does not bother and gives room for experimentation with accents.

When your interior is done in neutral colors, you can change the upholstery of the sofa, and add paintings, and unusual lamps as often as you like. Each new vase or cushion on the sofa will create a feeling of something new. None of the brightest and most unusual accessories can knock this interior out of balance and harmony.

6. Neutral colors visually expand the space

To expand a space with neutral colors, try one of these tricks:

  • wall and ceiling of the same color;
  • the wall is darker, and the ceiling and floor are of the same light shade;
  • white ceiling and white accents on the walls and on the floor;
  • the back wall of the room and the floor of the same color;
  • light floors, ceiling, and darkened back wall.

Do not forget that light large furniture will also take up visually less space. For example, a wardrobe in a small room is better to choose the same color as the walls and ceiling height. Then visually it will seem like a continuation of the walls. A bright sofa in a small living room will also look neater than its bright copy.

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