6 Helpful Interior Tips for Pet Owners

Where to arrange a recreation area? How to organize feeding? Which furniture upholstery is better to choose? We answer these and other relevant questions for pet owners.

1. Place for a pet

It is advisable to place the place where the dog will go on your command of the same name in the corner of one of the rooms or in the hallway so that you do not disturb each other. Observe where your pet likes to rest (except for your bed, of course), and organize a bed thereby laying a small mattress or rug. To make everything look beautiful, choose them based on the upholstery color of your existing furniture. In general, the same recommendations apply to cats.

If your dog likes to be in a “house,” build him a kennel out of an upside-down crate or bedside table covered in fabric. By the way, an interesting idea is to use a bedside table for these purposes.

Remember that the place for your four-legged friend should be away from heating devices and protected from drafts. 

2. Hygiene corner

Pet hygiene is one of the most important things owners should think about. If everything is somewhat simpler with dogs (almost all breeds are preferably walked outside), then you will have to equip a special place for the cat and, importantly, fit it into the interior.

The cat toilet can be organized in the bathroom or hallway. The plastic tray can be disguised by placing it in a cabinet or shelf, after making holes for the animal to enter. One of the disadvantages of placing a cat litter box in the bathroom is the need to keep the room open at all times. If you are willing to sacrifice the integrity of the door to avoid this, you can cut a small hole in it. Sometimes such a full-fledged hole is even made in the wall and decorated with a door.

3. Play area

Of course, pets will happily play and relax on the owner’s sofa or armchair, but is this the best solution? Arranging a cozy corner for a cat without damaging the interior is now not difficult. Modern designers take into account the needs of four-legged animals and create stylish cat houses, scratching posts, and entire “residential complexes”. There are even sofas with additional areas and niches for pets. Pay attention to items that combine both play elements and a place to relax. 

4. Feeding area

The ideal place for animal bowls is a kitchen, a spacious hallway, or a warm balcony. Place a small rubber mat on the floor under the bowls to protect the floor from drips and splashes.

A good idea is to provide built-in drawers with bowls in the set: this way they will not slide on the floor and will not take up much space. In this case, the height of the stand should depend on the height of the dog or cat. Organize a place to store food there. 

5. Flooring

When planning renovations in an apartment or house where there are pets, you should carefully consider the choice of finishing materials. For example, the floor covering should be warm, wear-resistant, and easy to clean.

The advantage of the tiles is that they are easy to clean, however, dogs’ paws can move on them, which can lead to an unfortunate fall and injury. In addition, tiles are a cold surface if you do not use heated floor technology. A more budget-friendly choice is laminate. It is easy to install, but when moving on it, the dog can also make a loud noise with its claws. So the best solution is high-quality parquet laid on a heat-insulating substrate. In addition, you can add beautiful and non-stray “paths” or easy-to-clean carpets.

6. Upholstery

When adjusting the interior for pets, it is worth remembering the presence of wool, which will fly onto all carpets and sofas. Pay special attention to the choice of fabric for upholstery – it should have a special coating that will protect your furniture from snags, tears, and stains. For apartments where there are pets, it is better to choose thick, rough leather, chenille or hard jacquard. When choosing a carpet, you should give preference to the option with a short pile, as it is easier to care for. 

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