5 micro-bathrooms up to 4 m² (43 ft2) + cool ideas

We share the most interesting solutions for small bathrooms

Whether it will be possible to place everything you need in a tiny bathroom depends on the shape of the room and the configuration of the furniture. Take note of ideas from completed projects.

1. Bathroom 3.7 m² (39.8 ft2) with shower and washing machine

This tiny bathroom is in a typical one-bedroom apartment. Designer Polina Lebedeva designed it for her mother. The bathroom was abandoned in favor of a shower with a pallet and a glass “curtain”. Thanks to this solution, a washing machine and storage systems are also placed here.

The interior of the bathroom repeats the floral motifs of the entire interior, inherent in the style of Provence. A contrasting element was a pistachio-style locker. It is worth taking a closer look at its handles: all the beauty is hidden in the details.

2. Bathroom 2,9 m² (31.2 ft2)

To increase the usable area, the toilet was combined with the bathroom, but the area still remained small. We installed a bath of 1500×700 mm and found a cabinet for the sink with a width of 720 mm – everything stood up perfectly.

The wet area was tiled with a “boar” tile in a “herringbone” layout, and the rest of the walls were painted in a beautiful gray shade. It turned out compact, but very cozy.

3. Bathroom 3,85 m² (41.4 ft2) with spectacular tiles

In this bathroom, the bet was made on a comfortable shower instead of a tiny bath. In the process of repair, it was possible to make a small niche for storing detergents.

The designer decided to distract attention from a small area of the bathroom with the help of tiles with ornaments. On the floor, was chosen a more active and contrasting black and white porcelain stoneware, and for the walls – white squares with a more elegant geometric pattern. The area of the sink and mirrors was highlighted with colored small-format tiles in a vertical layout. All accessories and fittings are black.

4. Tiny bathroom of 3.38 m² (36.3 ft2) with shower

In the bathroom behind the door is a designed shower area in the construction version. The washing machine had to be placed in front of the toilet, but we chose a narrow model so that we could safely open the door and load the laundry. Above the installation is a collector assembly.

A mirror that “passes” from one wall to another visually adds dynamics to simple shapes. Almost everywhere the walls were simply painted so as not to “eat” precious centimeters with tiles.

5. Bathroom of 3.5 m² (37.6 ft2) with an unusual layout

The bathroom was combined with a toilet, and the toilet was hidden behind a narrow partition. A full-fledged sink was donated and a compact washbasin was installed. To place the washing machine, we had to use a bath of a non-standard shape – but everything fit.

Storage systems were organized in a hanging cabinet, there is also a gas column. But they did not complicate the decoration – they used white tiles and painting.

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