How to make your kitchen indestructible: 5 finishing options

If your plans do not include renovating the kitchen after a few years, then you must initially select high-quality building materials.

Using real designer interiors as an example, we offer several practical and aesthetic finishing combinations. In our opinion, they are worthy of your attention. Let’s see!

Paint, engineered board, and concrete

In this interior, the walls are painted, and the floor is covered with high-strength engineered boards. The ceiling was initially partially covered with concrete slabs, which allowed for savings during the renovation.

Due to the materials used, the classic design is diluted with loft elements.

Plaster and laminate

In this kitchen the walls are plastered, so they are not subject to wear and stains. In addition, the coating looks textured and stylish. The floor is covered with oak imitation laminate – this is an inexpensive but very durable material.

Brick, parquet, and porcelain stoneware

The original brick walls in this kitchen-living room were simply treated with colorless varnish. This coating is resistant to steam, water, and grease. The area along the headset and the apron are finished with gray porcelain stoneware. The parquet on the floor, left here by the previous owners, was restored and covered with a colorless oil composition.

Paint and microcement

This kitchen living room was painted white. As a rule, any stains on such a coating are immediately noticeable, so they can be quickly removed with ordinary detergents.

Terrazzo microcement with quartz particles was chosen as the flooring material. It consists of a mixture of cement and resin, so it is quite durable and has no seams. Microcement is durable, easy to maintain, and looks unusual indoors.

Wallpaper, laminate, and tiles

The main highlight of this kitchen area is its color scheme. Wallpaper for painting was not chosen here by chance: it can be repainted in any shade after a while. The tiles for the backsplash were the most ordinary ones, only in different tones adjacent to each other. On the floor, there is a neutral waterproof laminate of the budget segment, which does not require any special treatment.

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