Color of the Year 2023 by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has announced the color of the year 2023, a pinkish-red-orange shade of Raspberry Blush (2008-30). After a few years of more neutral tones, the firm is turning to a rich and intense coral without a touch of purple.  

“It’s a really charismatic tone, and it’s just going to be a neutral backdrop for the walls,” says Andrea Magno, director of marketing and color development for Benjamin Moore. “It’s about awakening our senses and bringing people to vibrant color. In recent years, subdued colors have contributed to the serenity of our homes. Last year, we talked about greenery and strengthening the connection with nature. But now we have a bolder future ahead of us.” A rich red-orange is the best color for a really good sunset and will inspire you to break out of your color comfort zone.

Notably, Raspberry Blush marks a desire for warmer undertones. Playing with “crimson blush” can mean a modern take on the red dining room of yesteryear, or incorporating it on a smaller scale as a painted piece of furniture. No matter how much surface area is given to color, it will bring energy to any space.

“People always turn to nature as a source of inspiration. But this year, instead of admiring more organic, botanical hues, we opted for standout colors – fiery sunsets, tropical flowers, and the depths of the Mediterranean. The Color Trends 2023 palette allows you to use eye-catching colors that are fun, reflect individuality, and transform spaces in an incredible way,” comments the company.

Raspberry Blush also lays the groundwork for Benjamin Moore’s color trend palette for 2023. The eight-color palette is an eclectic mix of colors with nostalgic references to the 80s and 90s. Electro-funk duo Chromeo was also brought in as part of the announcement: Chromeo’s Raspberry Blush can be streamed on Spotify and other 2023 palette-inspired playlists can be downloaded.

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