Wonderful villa in the style of Tropical Brutalism

Shrouded in greenery, Villa Petricor in Tulum is a project by CO-LAB, which specializes in creating buildings in the style of tropical brutalism. It is located on a secluded plot near a private beach. Thanks to its smooth concrete construction, it looks surprisingly monolithic. The architects sought a sense of harmony with nature and tried to make tropical greenery visible from every room in the house.

This holiday villa is designed in such a way that all the beauty is revealed through openings in the decorative concrete block wall that surrounds the area and the pool. The feeling of “openness” is also created by the villa’s arched windows, cut into the villa’s concrete façade. The alternation of arches and clear lines is the main technique in the interiors.

The rooms are decorated in a deliberately minimalistic way to emphasize the materials of the villa. The counters and benches are also made of concrete – these textured surfaces contrast with the minimalist wood furniture and fittings and are complemented by organic textiles in natural tones.

Light is another important tool that turns a villa into a special place. Tropical plants cast picturesque shadows. The rain shower, arranged under the light well, allows guests to take water treatments right in the open air. Each of the two bedrooms has its own terrace with a hammock where you can soak up the sun. Studio CO-LAB has completed a number of projects in and around Tulum, including Luum Temple, an open-air yoga studio that hosts classes under a woven bamboo and grass roof. The house can be booked starting at $2,300 for two nights.

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