Studio MAD reconstructed the railway station in Jiaxing

With the recently completed Train Station in the Forest project, the team sought to reimagine transport infrastructure buildings in China. First of all, MAD architects call for the abandonment of monumental structures in favor of “public spaces with transport functions, natural ecology and cultural life.” Major changes to the historic Jiaxing train station include a new underground terminal with a park, as well as a full-scale replica of the original 1907 station that now forms the northern entrance. For its construction, the architects used more than 200,000 red and green bricks made from local clay. Another important goal of the studio was to increase the capacity of the station: for this purpose, a new track and two spacious waiting rooms were added. The classical-style building stands in stark contrast to the terminal’s modern architecture – a metal roof with integrated solar panels, an open glass façade and skylights that let in natural light. The team planted 1,500 trees in the area around the station, some of which will later serve as a natural canopy. 

Photo: CreatAR Images; Su Shengliang; Aogvision . 

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