Snow-white villa in Mexico

The architects of Cotaparedes Arquitectos built a house in the town of La Piedad with safe patios for children.

Customers of Cotaparedes Arquitectos wanted to build a house in which there would be a special safe area for children, where they could play without leaving the site. Therefore, the architects designed a building that hides three courtyards with gardens.

The three storey house is partially submerged underground – on the ground floor, which can be accessed by an inclined exit from the side of the road or by stairs, there is a garage, a guest bedroom, and a games room. But this is not the only space for children. “The building consists of patios that separate the public and private parts of the house,” say the architects of Cotaparedes Arquitectos.

In the central patio is planted a large ficus pandurate, the crown of which reaches the second floor and decorates the kitchen-living room area, bringing a piece of nature to the interior. Another courtyard faces the street, but it is partially covered by a windowless wall, which protects plants from direct sunlight, and residents from the curious glances of passers-by.

These green oases refresh the white interiors of the house and create protected and cozy places for children to play.

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