Two-room apartment transformed into three-room: Only 57m²!

Excellent redevelopment, calm colors, and luxurious details – stucco, beautiful chandeliers, mirrors – make this apartment an ideal place for a young family to live.

Customers & Challenges

The owners of this apartment are a couple with a young son. The wife is a professional photographer, and the husband is a businessman. My son is still very young, when the renovation was completed, he was barely six months old.

In a two-room apartment, the couple wanted to allocate sleeping places for themselves and their child. Stylistically, they were close to the modern classics. With such requests, they came to designer Anastasia Gabdrakhimova.


Initially, the apartment was a two-room apartment. But a successful layout, namely two windows in a larger room, made it possible to turn a two-bedroom apartment into a three-bedroom apartment. The result is two isolated rooms — a bedroom and a children’s room — and a living room area, which is connected to the kitchen by a doorway. The loggia, as well as the boundaries of the bathroom and a separate toilet, were left unchanged.


The designer, of course, listened to her customers regarding their wishes in style. And I chose materials that are characteristic of modern classics. On the walls, there is beige paint and stucco. On the floor there are marble-effect porcelain stoneware (kitchen, hallway, and corridor) and vinyl quartz imitating wood. Such materials were chosen because of the underfloor heating, porcelain stoneware and vinyl quartz were considered optimal for these purposes. The bathroom also has marble-effect porcelain tiles. In the bathroom, paint was combined with him.

Modern classics are also characterized by the use of mirrors. In this interior, they found their place in the master bedroom on the wall behind the head of the bed and in the hallway, surrounded by moldings.

The children’s room turned out to be more modern stylistically. For the accent, we ordered a panel (the pattern was developed individually) on the wall. A cute airplane and a balloon give the space the necessary playfulness and spontaneity, but at the same time, the room remained a harmonious continuation of the style of the entire apartment.

Another attribute of the modern style in this project is the concealed doors. They were chosen in order to harmoniously decorate the corridor, from which 4 doors open – to the bathroom, toilet and two bedrooms. The architraves of traditional doors simply did not fit, and besides, there was a risk of creating the effect of a train car with traditional panels. Hidden doors made it possible to avoid this. The canvases, by the way, are covered with stucco panels and moldings, so that they merge with the walls as much as possible.

Furniture & Storage Systems

For a family with a child, it was important to think about spacious storage, and the designer took this into account. There is a built-in wardrobe in the hallway (one of the sections is given to a place for sitting, which is convenient in the entrance area), in the parents’ bedroom. The children’s wardrobe is made with open sections so that there is room to put books and toys.

The kitchen was made corner. Due to the upper cabinets under the ceiling, the storage capacity was expanded. All equipment is built-in. There is a TV cabinet in the living room. Also, a wardrobe was provided on the loggia.


Thanks to different lighting scenarios designed by the designer, the owners can turn on both brighter lighting – ceiling chandeliers, and spotlights, and create a more intimate and cozy environment due to wall sconces, ceiling pendants, hidden illumination of curtains and niches. The designer selected the lamps in the style of modern classics: glass, and golden metals.

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