Small apartment with mezzanine designed by KC Design Studio

A small apartment of 40 sq. meters was designed by the KC Design Studio team in Taipei, Taiwan. The designers admit that the client had more wishes and expectations regarding this small space than square meters.

“When he talked to us about his likes and needs, about the diversity of his life, we lost our fingers. We realized that we first needed to analyze the exploitation: the various human actions in the interior.”

KC Studio suggested concentrating in the layout on such aspects as uniformity, time, and height. Examples of uniformity include a kitchen and dining table that have consistent functions. Timing means consciously using the areas of sleeping, watching TV, eating, and chatting.

“Height is arranging the interior small vertically. But not only. For example, we lie down when we sleep. We sit down when we work and read. We stand when we get dressed or brush our teeth. Depending on this concept, we propose the use of a variable. In fact, this concept is about combining complex functions that can be used uniquely when needed.

We combined an open kitchen with a mobile dining table. The wall on the other side has a shelving function to meet the owner’s temporary storage needs.”

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