Modernity in earthy colors with a bit of history

Author: Jurgita. MMI interjero sprendimai
Photographer: Benas Šileika
Year: 2021

The apartment is dominated by an earthy color palette, combining brown, green, and gray shades and black modern details. The same floor covering has been selected throughout the apartment, which gives the interior integrity and does not additionally separate the spaces. The bathroom is no exception. The wood-imitation vinyl coating in the bathroom gives the room more coziness and at the same time helps maintain stylistic integrity throughout the apartment. With the same idea, the same expressive veined marble pattern tiles as the kitchen wall were chosen for the accent wall of the bathroom. An important accent and a piece of history: a black-and-white photo from a swimming lesson in the bathroom is a precious memory for the owners.

The site space is not overloaded. It has a modern three-seater sofa with laconic forms and an expressive brown shade. The rich brown color matches the colors chosen in the interior. A stylish natural wood TV cabinet with vertical lines and elegant legs matching the legs of the sofa, the vertical lines are repeated throughout the apartment. In the living room, there is another family story – the grandmother’s table, repainted black, maybe a little higher than the usual coffee tables of today, but it fits perfectly into the modern interior. In the corridor area, an invisible door with an overhead door gives it uniqueness. Such doors create the effect of higher than standard doors, thus visually elevating the room. And at the same time distracting attention from two doors located next to each other.

The door to the bathroom is hidden in a furniture panel that transitions to an openwork wall of wood chips. It visually separates the corridor from the living room, and frames the dining room, but does not blindly close either the corridor area or the dining room. Mirrors are inserted between the bedroom and wardrobe doors – visually increasing the corridor area and at the same time reflecting light. Upon arrival, the clothes are hung in the spacious wardrobe nearby. This keeps the entrance space “clean” and aesthetic. For convenience, there is a mini-cupboard/drawer hanging next to the wardrobe for storing small items or keys. We also meet a piece of history here: we found a place for a picture painted by the owner’s grandfather – another precious memory.

In the kitchen, the furniture arrangement plan has changed significantly from the original plan proposed by the builder. First of all, reorganized functional areas in order to have a more pronounced dining area even in a small room. An L-shaped kitchen was deliberately avoided. Therefore, the kitchen is located along one long wall. Since the kitchen has inevitably become a part of the living room, we wanted to make it as visually attractive as possible. Instead of a standard kitchen wall, large-format expressive and bright marble pattern tiles are used here, accommodating the entire color palette of the apartment. They became the starting point, the inspiration for color interior solutions… After reorganizing the functional areas in the dining room, more space became available. The tash partition that separates this area from the corridor seems to frame the dining room, but it does not blindly block it.

In the bedroom, part of the wall is covered with furniture panels, and the rest of the niche is used for a roomy wardrobe. The use of furniture panels for wall decoration creates the image of a visually solid wall. When there is a need to have a workplace at home, a work corner is set up in the bedroom, which perfectly blends in and complements the interior of the bedroom. The apartment receives sunlight only in the first half of the day. Taking this into account, a number of lighting scenarios have been created here, which allows you to choose the most suitable light according to your mood and time of year. The curtain niche in the bedroom goes over the bed, lighting is installed in this area. This creates another cozy lighting scenario. Do not forget the additional lamps near the wardrobe, the reading lamps by the bed, and the central lamp, which also serves as a breeze in the bedroom on a hot summer day.

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