Small apartments: 15 stylish zoning solutions

Despite the growing popularity of open plans, zoning space remains a pressing issue, especially in conditions of limited space. The need to delimit two zones in one room may arise at any time – for example, when setting up a home office in the living room or separating the kitchen and recreation area. At the same time, a monolithic wall will often not be the most practical option, since in this case one of the rooms may lose natural light.

There is no universal answer: the choice is dictated by the layout, general concept, and budget. So, for zoning you can use the furniture itself, glass structures, and storage systems. Screens and curtains are another functional answer when you need to transform a space temporarily.

Bookcases or high shelves are a great option for delineating space. They can be placed in strategic places to create zoning, for example, between the living room and the office. It is worth paying attention to modular systems that can adapt to even the smallest spaces. The same goes for storage systems, which, thanks to the ability to assemble them in the required combination, allow you to organize space without resorting to the construction of permanent walls, and a wide selection of finishing materials makes them suitable for any interior.

Platforms and cube volumes where you can hide storage can also help delimit space, which is especially important when developing the layout of a small apartment. Platforms with built-in shelves and second levels will be an excellent solution if you have a high ceiling. Otherwise, it is worth considering options when the partition for zoning becomes one of its sides the basis for a wardrobe or shelving.

The simplest, easiest to implement and most functional options are glass and metal partitions. This option is ideal for separating public and private areas in the studio or for creating a secluded work area in the living room. From a variety of options, you can choose the one that suits each specific case: matte or completely transparent interior partitions – each offers its own advantages in terms of natural light and privacy. Another current solution is glass blocks. Massive volumes of glass may take up a little more space but will add character to the space.

Another effective solution is curtains. Together with glass partitions or as an independent accessory, they can help separate two functional areas and will not take up much space. This solution is especially relevant in the case of organizing a bedroom: hidden in a box behind glass or in a separate cube, if necessary, it can be easily hidden behind thick fabric, but will not be deprived of natural light.

Metal partitions serve as another trendy option for zoning space. Adaptable, stylish modular designs, as well as industrial-inspired grids and grids, allow you to create any space according to the desired configuration for a variety of living scenarios.

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