Mirror in the hallway: design ideas and tips for choosing the right one

We tell you which mirror to choose for the hallway and where exactly it can be placed.

It is hard to imagine a hallway without a mirror. Before leaving the house, it is customary to look into it to make sure that the costume is impeccable. In addition, it optically expands the space of a small corridor. We will tell you how to choose the design of the mirror in the hallway, photos of the location options can be seen in the pictures below.

General purpose

It can perform many functions. The main one is reflection: it helps to correct the image in time, to notice the disorder in clothes. In addition, reflective surfaces optically increase the space and the degree of illumination of the room. Interior decoration is also impossible without mirrors. Even the most ascetic room will sparkle with new colors if you add a mirror surface to it in some form. In spacious hallways, glass sheets, along with paintings and photographs, serve as decorative elements that fill empty walls.

Selection rules

When choosing a mirror, take into account the dimensions of the corridor, the general style of the apartment, the color, and the amount of furniture. For a small room, it is better to choose a small accessory.

In spacious rooms with high ceilings, you can hang a full-length vertical canvas.

If your hall has a window, keep the mirror out of direct sunlight. You can hang it on the opposite wall, but obliquely from the window opening. Manufacturers offer ready-made furniture sets, complete with a mirror surface, which complements shelves, cabinets, chests of drawers, and clothes hangers.

Models that are non-standard in shape are advised to be decorated with simple frames that do not overload perception. Decorating all the walls with mirrored surfaces is not worth it – a large number of reflections have a depressing effect on the psyche. Instead of several small ones, it is better to choose one large mirror in the hallway: design photos and layout ideas are presented below.


In past years a standard model with a shelf was hung next to the door. Now they can not only be hung anywhere but also placed. Outdoor varieties take up quite a lot of space, but with their help, you can examine yourself from all sides in full growth. The design of the rack allows you to choose a convenient angle of inclination. In spacious, well-lit halls, this is the most suitable option. An additional plus is mobility, if desired, it can be moved anywhere.

Wall models do not lose popularity. They are attached to the wall in various ways. Rectangular, round, or oval shapes suit any style. Shelves, bedside tables, hooks, and other additions can be attached to them. If you fix the product on a surface with a slight slope, you can see the body completely.

Part of the wall, decorated with a reflective canvas from floor to ceiling, looks like a continuation of the room. A well-placed lighting emphasizes the unusual geometry.

If the hallway area is small, you can use the fronts of the cabinet, making them mirrored.

Frame material

The choice of the edging should be approached responsibly. It can become a decoration, or it can spoil the whole impression. Metal frames always look stylish. Its solidity, combined with the fragility of glass, creates the effect of a unity of opposites.

Models in a wooden frame are not suitable for every room. They look massive and visually reduce the space.

Having correctly chosen the color and shape of the frame made of plastic, it can fit into the interior of any style.

The do-it-yourself frame can be a subject of special pride. Its advantage is the uniqueness and the embodiment of your fantasies. For work, it is better to choose one type of material: cardboard, wood, textiles, or clay. The main criterion of work is harmony with the general idea of ​​​​the design of the room. Below are photos of DIY designs.

Proper lighting

There are rarely windows in the hallway, so you need to think about where the light sources will be located. They must match the area of the room and its style. The most common way is with lights on both sides of the surface above the line of sight. They give a soft diffused light that makes the space cozier.

A lamp located above the mirror and aimed at it also creates the right lighting.

Illuminated frames look unusual. Lamps running along the outer edge of the mirror illuminate not only the reflection but also nearby objects: shelves, and a table. This view is convenient to use in darkened corridors. For internal illumination, LED strips are used, which are attached to the frame. They do not blind the eyes, and create a feeling of “floating” of the structure.

Where to hang a mirror in the hallway

Since ancient times, this item has been considered magical. It is associated with many beliefs and signs. Even the philosophy of Feng Shui pays special attention to it. Not everyone believes in omens and adheres to the advice of Eastern sages. However, most often they try to follow the established rules. Do not place reflective surfaces opposite each other. Being in the mirrored corridor is not very pleasant. It is believed to absorb energy. In a long narrow corridor, you can decorate opposite walls with glass panels, but move them in a checkerboard pattern.

It is not customary to hang a mirror in front of the front door. But placing it on the door itself from the inside would be a good solution.

You can place it on a wall perpendicular to the front door, complementing it with a shoe rack or a beautiful umbrella stand. A mirror finish is always relevant. These can be ceiling panels or wall tiles with beveled edges along the entire length of the corridor.

Modern designers have not ignored this unusual item. The design model of an unusual shape will decorate any hallway. At the same time, the more unusual it is, the more modest the rest of the interior of the room should be.

With the help of a mirror surface, you can create a unique atmosphere in the hall that will emphasize the uniqueness of your home.

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