The world’s tallest canal bridge

Dutch street artist Frankie connected the upper floors of two Amsterdam buildings with a structure reminiscent of one of the city’s historic canal bridges.

Dutchman Frankie is known for his humorous street art installations, which often feature cartoon characters or pop culture references. He has already created more than 500 interventions throughout the city. The funniest ones include a Goofy figure performing acrobatics around a street lamp, and a pair of air vents turned into a portrait of Kanye West.

The artist, whose real name is Frank de Ruwe, installed his cartoon Skybridge between a pair of buildings on Rockin, the main street in the city center. The bridge, located 10 meters above the ground, is decorated with dark green railings and a traditional crown-shaped lantern. At the same time, the lantern seems to be trying to fall. “Inspired by comic books, where realism is not a constraint, I created the world’s tallest canal bridge,” comments Frankie.

The bridge is not accessible to the general public, but that was not the plan. Frankie, as always, created a design that sparked joy. When people use the bridge, it becomes clear that the passage is not above the arched form, but below, in the transparent glass cube below it. “This bridge serves as a link and also as an interface between humor and wonder,” states the artist.

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