The controversy over minimalism. For or against?

On the Internet, we repeatedly come across all sorts of controversies and criticism of minimalism, listing the pros and cons of the concept. It somehow struck us as wild. Why argue? And what’s the difference between what is called this or that approach to life or philosophy? After all, words are just for simplicity.

There are no clear rules or postulates in minimalism. Personally, we don’t see them. You do not have to take everything out of the house, leaving only 100 things and fall into asceticism, or wear only basic gray things, reducing your wardrobe to a minimum, or refuse to buy the desired expensive thing just because it seemed to you that minimalism is only about anti-materialism. and total savings. Why such crazy solutions?

It seems to us that every concept needs to be adapted for yourself. After all, it is about your life and your comfort. It’s foolish to follow some rules if you don’t like them. It so happens that you are not simplifying, but only complicating your life by going against yourself.

We don’t want to call ourselves a minimalist or anything else. It is like identifying yourself with a certain religion, completely denying others and vehemently defending your views, considering them to be the only correct ones. It’s like the eternal struggle between raw food/vegetarians and meat-eaters, green and non-green. It remains only to collect the crusade.

For some, business is terribly difficult. And if it bothers you, then why torture yourself and do an unloved thing? But for someone it’s easy. This is his path and he gives this person a lot of pleasure and energy. Everyone has different dreams and plans. And minimalism for us is not about small or big earnings. It can be both. This is the choice of everyone. Just like someone who wants to live in a metropolis, and someone in the quiet countryside. You can be a minimalist both there and there.

Many people say that minimalism is for rich people, already fed up with things and life. It amused us because we do not consider ourselves to be such, nevertheless, the idea is close to us. And minimalism became close to us not because we wanted to get rid of the trash in the house or moderate our consumer appetites. We were looking for completely different answers. First of all, concerning the values ​​in life, the search for what you love, and the realization of what is really important to us.

Whatever you call it, minimalism or some other term, it doesn’t really matter. And all these disputes are unnecessary. This is a negative, which leads to little because often everyone stays with their own opinion.

Do not complicate your life and listen to yourself first, applying only those ideas that are really yours.

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