Scandinavian Hygge style in interior

What does the word hygge mean?

At the heart of Scandinavian design is the concept of hygge, a term that comes from the Danish word meaning “to give courage, comfort, joy”. Hygge stems from hyggja which means “to think” in Old Norse. Hygge is built from the Old Norse word hugr which later became the hug which means the soul, mind, and consciousness.

It is applicable to any time and space, covers all seasons, but truly comes alive in the invigorating cold of winter.

In addition to the word “hygge”, the Danes actively use the adjective hyggelig –  having the properties of hygge.

Scandinavian style in interior design

Scandinavian interior design is proving enduringly popular due to its appealing simplicity and minimalist aesthetic. The calm and orderly style, however, suggests high functionality. Residents of Scandinavia equip their homes simply and tastefully. They do not like excessive luxury and feigned wealth.

Scandinavian-style interiors are  particularly well-suited for the cold season, with their emphasis on light, bright and inviting spaces, to counter the cold and darkness outside. But how do you create a hygge-style home that exudes warmth and comfort?

Hygge style interior

Love for Nordic things is no less with hygge. In many ways, hygge can be seen as a response to the times, with a modern focus on limitations and living with less, whether it be food, exercise, or home.

Hygge offers an alternative – get a little luxury. From slipping into a hot tub to enjoying a meal with friends around a candlelit table, the beauty of hygge is that it can be interpreted in countless ways.

Warm light

Lighting is vital in determining the mood and feel of a room, especially when natural light is at a minimum. This can be achieved with candles, flickering fires, or carefully selected fixtures. The goal is to reproduce the warmth and glow of natural light sources such as sunset, tree fire, or candles.

Rule of thumb: the lower the temperature of the light, the more hygge. An incandescent lamp emits a cold and sterile light with a temperature of about 3000 Kelvin, a sunset, a burning tree, and a candle fire – about 1800 K. This is where the golden mean of hygge lies.

White color is the basis of the Scandinavian style.

The brightening effect of candles or lamps is further enhanced when placed against a white background. Scandinavian homes often have light-colored walls and floors to reflect light and feel more spacious. The background can be other shades: gray, beige, gray, light green, blue and light brown.

Cozy things

To prevent white dominance from feeling empty or cold, add texture and variety through a variety of tactile materials. Blankets and pillows in cashmere and merino wool, next to furs and soft rugs, create an instantly relaxing atmosphere. 

Cozy hyggekrog corner

If you don’t want to dedicate your home to Scandinavian style completely, create a hyggekrog,  which roughly translates to nook. Many Danish homes have bay windows that have been turned into cozy spaces with strategically placed blankets, pillows, and candles. Table lamps or floor lamps with parchment or cream silk shades give off a pleasant glow, while vintage incandescent lamps add a rustic feel.

Hyggekrog is a place that should be in every home. A place where you like to sit wrapped in a blanket with a book and a cup of tea.

Things made of wood

There is something special about wooden things. The smell of wood burning in the fireplace and even just a lit match, the smooth surface of a wooden bureau, the soft creaking of the floorboards as you walk across the room to sit on the wooden chair by the window… Wooden children’s toys are gaining popularity again.


Any piece of nature fits perfectly into the concept of hygge. Leaves, cones, twigs, animal skins… Cover benches, chairs, and window sills with sheepskins.

Additional warmth is provided by things obtained from nature – wool, firewood, and rustic compositions of leaves, twigs, and winter berries. Items of nostalgic or sentimental value complete this serene setting.


Sitting down with a good book is one of the activities on which the concept of hygge is based. Don’t forget books in your hygge interior.

Ceramics and porcelain

A beautiful teapot, a vase on the dining table, a favorite mug from which you always drink tea – all this is hygge.


As you can see, in a hygge interior, it is important not only how things look, but also what they feel to the touch. Run your fingers over a wooden table, a warm ceramic mug, and a reindeer skin. Not at all like touching glass, steel and plastic. Think about the tactile sensations that things evoke in you and create some texture variety in your home.

Vintage hygge style

An old lamp, table or chair is considered truly hyggelig. In a vintage store, you can find everything you need to create a cozy home, and the fact that all the things in it have a history makes them even more interesting and hyggelig.

Often such things are painted with nostalgia. Things not only have physical properties, they tell a story and have emotional value.

With its attitude to nature and history, hygge reflects the concept of the ancient Japanese aesthetics of wabi-sabi, and, of course, echoes the interiors in the style of wabi-sabi.

Hygge blankets and pillows

Blankets and pillows are a must for hygge, especially during the cold winter months. It is nice to wrap yourself in a blanket, and sometimes people do it even if they are not cold. A blanket can be warm, made of wool, fleece, or lighter cotton.

Everything will be fine

It doesn’t matter if you have a strict and traditional taste, or you are inclined to new modern trends, with hygge you will always find something close and understandable for yourself.  

Hygge gives your inner adult – responsible, stressed out, eager to achieve new things – a chance to take a breather. To relax. At least not for long. Hygge is a feeling of joy, simple pleasures, and the confidence that everything will be fine.

Hygge Manifesto.

Dim the light.

Focus on what is happening here and now. Turn off phones.

Coffee, chocolate, cookies, cakes, sweets. And more, more!

“We”, not “I”. Divide responsibilities equally and let each other speak out.

Enjoy the moment, each has its own unique beauty.

No competition. We already like you. No need to try to tell as much as possible about your achievements.

Get comfortable. Take a deep breath. Relax.

No disputes. We will discuss politics another time.

Build relationships and tell stories. “Remember how we were then? ..”

10. Serenity
This is your clan. This is a place of peace and serenity.

The most important thing about our X that it is for
those who are in a hurry

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