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Minimalist house interior, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, is not the simplest style. There are many misconceptions associated with it. For example, it is easy and cheap to furnish a house in a minimalist way. We visited a real fan of minimalism in the interior and found out what first steps were when choosing an interior, what “pitfalls” were encountered, and what advice could give to those who are planning to furnish a house in the same style. Our hero shared his experience and advice, told us what the pros and cons of a minimalist interior are.

It turned out that equipping a house in a minimalist style is only half the battle, the most difficult thing here is to maintain the style. Unless you live or plan for a minimalist lifestyle, you are unlikely to be able to keep your home in your chosen style. As we already wrote, any interior should be a reflection of the owner’s lifestyle, minimalism is no exception.

“I really like the Bauhaus aesthetics. Therefore, the path to minimalism was not difficult for me. By the time I had to choose the interior, my taste had already formed – both in work and in clothes. I never liked a huge number of things and always tried to minimize In general, minimalism is simply compatible with my life, “ – says Rick.

In a minimalistic interior, every item counts. Almost like an exhibit.

“Minimalism seems simple at first, but it’s a nude aesthetics. Choosing one unsuitable object will be very ‘knocked out’ and may even be visually annoying. on the other hand, if you have a lot of things in the house, you can assemble an eclectic ensemble of them, but in minimalism, attentiveness is needed, chaos will not pass here, “- our hero shares his experience.

Where to begin?

Step 1: See enough.

Minimalism is a lifestyle but by no means a set of rules. For every minimalist, he is his own, as well as with the style of clothing, observation, and knowledge of what suits you and what does not are important here. You can turn to professionals, but it is also possible to do it yourself. The main thing is to have a good understanding of the basics of this type of design, to see how other minimalists are equipping houses.

“I did everything on my own for a year. Before starting the renovation, I put together a selection of photos and sketches on Pinterest. With the help of the selection, I realized what suits me in terms of the style and layout of the apartment. Few months, and after that, I began to buy furniture and parts. Visiting will help you understand and reveal your preferences. Some things I was inspired by in design studios, for example, the design of the desktop at UP interiors and Loft London. At the same time, I realized that two there can be no identical minimalist houses, mine will still be different. “

Step 2: Choose a palette and add accents.

“First of all, it is very important to decide on the palette. My walls are white since white is the basis for my furniture and decor. I advise you to choose one main color along with two or three colors that match well. I have shades of gray and wood. “

If you’re worried about everything looking monotonous and flat, add vibrant color with detail by arranging art and plants in every room. If you don’t know which painting to choose, you can choose something abstract, with softer forms. This work will help balance the right angles and the geometry of the furniture. Choose a bright central object in each room, like the cherry on top of a cake. For example, Rick has a palm tree in the hall and a picture with a blue circle. There is an easel and another palm tree in the hallway.

Step 3: Functional furniture.

Do not be afraid of emptiness in space. Choose simple and only necessary furniture, and transfer attention to decor items. “I have a sofa bed from Ikea, which I don’t really like, I just needed it. On the other hand, it is very functional, it looks neat when assembled and does not take up much space.”

Another great example of functional furniture is the built-in wardrobe. This solution is ideal for minimalists and for those who just want to free up space in the house. Rick’s apartment is only 50 square meters; a similar closet could help him to free up an area in the hallway. So far, Rick has a 2-in-1 universal wardrobe, where not only his things are stored, but also a refrigerator. “Functionalism is an important thing in the interior. I don’t cook, so I didn’t need a refrigerator for a long time. Recently I finally bought it and combined it with a wardrobe in the hallway – this is a necessary measure that inadvertently led to minimalism,” he says.

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Step 4: Be ready to change the interior.

“The advantage of minimalism is that there is no clutter. Thanks to this, I can rearrange, change furniture and decor with ease. Perhaps for this reason I often have to change something. For example, initially, I wanted to make a wardrobe from my own sketch out of plywood. The material is inexpensive, but, as it turned out, I do not know how to work with it (unless they are small objects). Due to the fragility of the plywood, my closet was simply warped. As a result, I had to switch to more traditional and expensive materials. There are other things. , which I would like to change over time: remove the laminate and make a self-leveling concrete floor. The layout and interior of my apartment allow all this to be done. “

Step 6: Find new uses for old things.

Not everything that stands at Rick’s home is new. Minimalism is also about the effective use of everyday things, books, works of art. The goal is not to buy unnecessary decorative objects, but to work with what we have. For example, there is an easel in the hallway. Once the owner studied painting. He no longer paints using an easel but adapted it as a hanger and key holder. Old books and magazines can also be used as a bedside table or vase holder.

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