Two room apartment 46 m² in which every millimeter is thought out

An active young couple lives in this two-room apartment and loves to have fun and travel. They turned to Merra Architects with a request to create a cozy yet functional interior with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, workplace, and storage system.


To separate the corridor from the living area, walls had to be made – this gave additional storage space. In the center of the living space is the kitchen-living room. The bedroom is located by the window and is separated by a glass partition with textiles, which allows daylight to penetrate inside.

In the bathroom, the plumbing was rearranged: the toilet was moved to the opposite side from the riser. This helped to organize a place for a bath, sink and washing machine.


Kitchen storage is concentrated in the upper cabinets and lower base. The set comes with a side-by-side refrigerator, a dishwasher, a four-burner hob, an oven and a microwave, a waste chopper, and a sink.

Living room

The walls were finished with decorative and Swedish wallpaper. To highlight the TV zone, artificial bricks and wood-like slats were used.

There are Spanish tiles on the floor in the corridor and the kitchen, and laminate was chosen for the living room.

Thanks to the TV cabinet, it was possible not only to add coziness to the room, but also to disguise the technical equipment for connecting to TV. A sofa and an armchair in a sandy shade in the Provence style helped to zone the living room.


Outerwear and small accessories such as keys and gloves are stored in the hallway. There are also hooks hanging here, a seat for changing shoes and a shoe cabinet for shoes. The furniture is all built into a niche.


The bedroom has a wardrobe and a work area with storage shelves. The room is separated by glass loft partitions and is closed from the inside with thick curtains.


By moving the toilet in the bathroom, they organized a niche and additional cabinets above the installation for household chemicals.

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