Tiny House: a place for the kitchen, living room, and bedroom on 31 m2

The customer wanted to equip a small one-room apartment with many functional areas and was not ready to compromise. We tell you what solution the designers found for the problem


Despite the very modest area of ​​this apartment in a new building, the designers made it as comfortable as possible. The kitchen was moved to a niche, a separate room was built for the bedroom, and the rest of the living space was given over to the living room and home office. Do you think they sacrificed storage systems for this? No, there are more than enough of them.


The customer, a young girl, bought a very small apartment with an open plan. Designers from the Tor-Ard studio helped turn it into a cozy and comfortable home. They were not afraid of the task: to place a kitchen, a full-fledged bedroom, a living room, and a workplace on the 31 m2 (333.6 square foot). On the contrary, they took up the task with enthusiasm.

The advantages of the premises are the absence of internal partitions, large windows, and the possibility of any redevelopment since legally this is an apartment. A bathroom was made to the right of the entrance, and a niche for a corner kitchen set was made to the left.

For the bedroom, they built a “cube” opposite one of the windows. The partition was also made false so that the lighting penetrates into the kitchen and dining table area. The rest of the area was given over to the living room and a compact workplace.

The apartment is small, so they immediately abandoned experiments with finishing materials. Italian porcelain tiles with an ornament were laid on the floor – it combined the kitchen, the hallway, and the bathroom. In the living room, there is oak flooring.

The walls were mostly painted. “It may seem that we have left the brickwork, but this is only an imitation. For accent walls, we took brick-like concrete tiles,” the authors of the project say.  

Despite the small area, there is enough storage space. In the hallway there is a wardrobe for outerwear and household equipment, in the bedroom, there are built-in wardrobes and an open system for books. There is also a wardrobe, shelves in the living room. And in the bathroom fit a case for cosmetics and a washing machine.

The designers compensated for the small area of ​​the apartment with a variety of colors. They combined emerald and salmon shades – this is the trend of the latest interior exhibitions. Plus added blue in the bedroom and bathroom. All metal elements are cold.

Almost all cabinet furniture was made to order – it was necessary to “pass” in centimeters. The bed in the bedroom is also exclusive. We managed to save money on a kitchen set: a model from IKEA successfully fit into the niche.

There is not much decor, but the customer could not refuse curtains. As a result, the choice was made on flowing white tulle and salmon-colored curtains – it turned out stylishly.

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